The true crimes of Damian Green


You should see what I really got away with…..!

Detective Neil Lewis.jpg

I told you I’d get him!

Damian Green’s much publicised downfall conjures up the image of a burglar who ransacks a house, steals all the valuable gear, but then is convicted of breaking a window as he leaves with the loot
The Daily Mail’s mouthpiece of bile, Richard Littlejohn, penned an indignant defence of Green with this morsel of balanced journalism: ‘It’s easy to forget how Britain was transformed into a virtual one-party state during the Tony Blair/Gordon Brown years – aided and abetted by the highly political former met commissioner Ian Blair, who effectively turned the police into the paramilitary wing of new labour.’
In Littlejohn’s world Green is the victim of a plot to avenge his crashing the career of former Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Bob Quick and a retired detective called Neil Lewis.
Littlejohn may have a point about a one-party state since the working class were effectively disenfranchised during the Blair/Brown years, but that’s not quite what he means.
What are Green’s true crimes?
How’s this? – He
Voted against laws to promote equality and human rights
Voted for the Iraq war
Voted for replacing trident with a new nuclear weapons system
Voted against a right to remain for EU nationals already in living in the UK
Voted for the bedroom tax
Voted against raising welfare benefits in line with prices
Voted against paying higher benefits for those unable to work due to illness or disability
Voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
Voted against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed
Voted against increasing the tax rate applied to income over £150,000
Voted against a banker’s bonus tax
Voted for more restrictive regulation of trade union activity
Voted against restricting the provision of services to private patients by the NHS
Voted for raising England’s undergraduate tuition fee cap to £9,000 per year
Voted for academy schools

Green might have slinked off into political oblivion but his crimes live on.
Can the many tolerate the greed of the few for much longer?
It’s up to Jeremy Corbyn and his allies to provide the answer.

Joe’s cunning housing plan


Mayor Joe

I can’t be expected to fight the cuts and build houses


Has Mayor Joe come around to our socialist way of thinking about remedying the shortage of affordable housing.

‘Affordable’ meaning not for the rich, but for working class people. A growing number of councils are also talking the same talk.

Has Joe admitted that after all the council can build houses without the sky falling in? Will he now retract his slurs about the 1980s council?

His plan begs the questions: Will rent controls apply? Will they be prevented from being flogged off to housing spivs who in turn let them for exorbitant rents? What real power will the council have?

The plan should also be the cue to drop the fetish for allowing developers to target every park in the city. No blacklisting companies should be entertained and proper apprenticeships followed by proper jobs should be assured.

The Mayor maintains that they are prevented from building council houses. Surely councils can do whatever they want with the money they borrow from the Public Works Loan Board or from the banks. He should put this restriction to the test by declaring his council will build the 1000s of houses that are needed. After all, the Localism Act appears to mean whatever suits the situation.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on councils to build houses. Shouldn’t Liverpool’s Labour Council act on this policy?

If they build houses with the same alacrity that they implement Tory cuts, the problem will quickly be resolved.

Will Steve McNichol LP GS move swiftly?



‘Swiftly?……er…I don’t know! Is she a Socialist or a Blairite?’


Hate Incident Angers Merseyside Pensioners

The Merseyside Pensioners Association (MPA) have called for the resignation of a Liverpool City Councillor Clare McIntyre following a comment she posted on social media against one of their members.

The post has been investigated by Merseyside police as a hate incident. The victim of the incident was MPA member Phil Maxwell who is also the ‘Disability Lead’ for Wavertree constituency Labour Party.

Labour Party General Secretary Ian McNichol will also be informed of this situation and we trust he will take appropriate action to ensure this behaviour by a Labour Party councillor will neither be tolerated or repeated.
Chair of the MPA Julie Lyon-Taylor said “In full knowledge of Phil’s condition as a disabled person living with cancer, Cllr McIntyre cruelly taunted Phil with an invitation to campaign “on the doorsteps”. Understandably Phil has been acutely distressed by this abuse. It is clear that Cllr McIntyre has broken the Liverpool City Council code of conduct, which states that councillors must “treat others with respect” and must not “discriminate against people on the grounds of disability” or “bully” or “intimidate”.”
Cllr McIntyre’s comment came after Phil posted a photograph of Jeremy Corbyn with a quote about how a Labour government would increase the minimum wage.

After being contacted by the Merseyside police hate crime coordinator Cllr McIntyre emailed a short ‘apology’ to Phil that was grossly insensitive and has resulted in putting Phil under further emotional and psychological stress. The message was posted for 12 days even though a following message, posted on the same day said “Clare your comment is offensive and discriminatory towards a disabled member of the party.”
Marie Harrison, MPA secretary said “Our public servants must be held up to scrutiny in exactly the same way we would hold other employees and citizens up to scrutiny for their conduct, especially when it involves questions of discrimination and abuse on the basis of race, gender, sexuality or disability.”

Following advice from his GP Phil has left the site where Cllr McIntyre posted her comment. Merseyside police have referred Phil to their victim support service and is now receiving counselling from the Anthony Walker Foundation.

The MPA has made a formal complaint to the Council and is seeking an urgent meeting with the Chief Monitoring Officer of Liverpool City Council and the Labour Chief Whip Cllr Alan Dean.


Michael Howard, Roy Hattersley and the President of the Flat Earth Society




Tony Blair’s my god




Nobody’s poor – Everyone’s loaded


With breathtaking bravura or sheer delusion BBC flagship programme Sunday Politics and the ‘quality’ Observer surpassed themselves when they afforded a platform to Michael Howard and Roy Hattersley who emerged, cobwebs clinging, from their crypts.

The Equality Trust says the UK has a very high level of income inequality compared to other developed countries. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has reported an extra 400,000 children and 300,000 more pensioners falling into poverty since 2013, the day after the Social Mobility Commission resigned in protest at the government ignoring its every recommendation. This follows the Institute for Fiscal Studies warning that 37% of children will fall below the government’s own poverty line by 2021.
Howard, who used to lead the Tories, uttered this pearl of wisdom: ‘Income inequality is the lowest for 30 years.’

Roy Hattersley, remember him? The bloke who, with his mate Neil Kinnock, led Labour to its worst defeat since 1931 and unleashed the tentacles of Blairism which crushed, in Blair’s own words, ‘every radical impulse’ out of the Party.

Writing in the Observer he had this to say: Labour is facing the biggest crisis in its history as the leftwing pressure group Momentum tries to purge it of moderate MPs and councillors in a systematic takeover of the party. Momentum now poses a far more serious threat to Labour than Militant did three decades ago. He says that unless ‘Real Labour’ challenges what he calls ‘subversion’ by far-left forces, democratic socialism could die a slow death.

Well, Hattersley knows all about the death of socialism. Under him and Kinnock it wasn’t a slow death, it was brutal and sudden, exemplified by ripping Clause 4 out of the heart of Labour, with the assistance of John Prescott. These three, of course, now reside in the Lords collecting their tasty expenses and gold-plated pensions – rewards lavished on them by a grateful capitalist State for services rendered.

Hattersley’s idea of democracy is when an appointed clique imposes a short list of candidates on the membership. When this bureaucratic manoeuvre is challenged he cries ‘bullying and intimidation.’

‘Thirty years ago,’ he declaims, ‘moderates won the battle against Militant by taking the campaign to the country and demonstrating that genuine democratic socialism was worth fighting for. He means he and his fellow right-wingers resorted to distortion and outright lies against the left and used Murdoch, Maxwell, and the rest of the capitalist media to besmirch good socialist comrades.

In language plucked straight from the Murdoch editorials of the 80s, he claims ‘Momentum now poses a far more serious threat to Labour than Militant did three decades ago.

No doubt the Sunday Politics show will maintain its genius for modern revelations. Look out for its next guest:

The President of the Flat Earth Society.

No dunce’s hat is big enough for ‘Labour’ negotiators

With John Tully

‘I negotiated the deal only the fat cats want’

Unite, the GMB and the PCS organised the rally attended by hundreds of workers in Williamson Square Liverpool to show their determination to continue to fight for decent wages for bus drivers, for safety on our trains, and to retain our job centres

RMT Regional Secretary John Tully berated Labour-backed Merseytravel for placing profit before safety. John’s speech brilliantly exposed the farce of a Tory government privatising Rail which is then nationalised by a foreign government who use the profits they make to subsidise the rail fares of their own people, and whose loss of income resulting from industrial action is bank-rolled by the local tax-payers.

There isn’t a dunce’s hat big enough for the genius who negotiated that deal.  As Merseytravel’s board has been controlled by people wearing the ‘Labour’ brand for years the identity of the negotiator should be revealed to an interested public.

John gave more examples of guards intervening in situations where first-aid was essential and protecting passengers from a knife-point incident. He told the rally that the determination of his members to continue the fight was undiminished. He finished by demanding to know why ‘Labour’ Mayors Rotheram and Anderson are on the bosses’ side and not the workers. A question which is resonating more widely as the dispute continues.

Unite and PCS speakers were equally determined to secure their just claims. Martin Cavanagh of the PCS EC pledged to intensify their campaign to defend services under threat and to support those taking strike action to defend the public.

John Tully reported he had heard no constructive proposals from Merseytravel and their fight for safety will continue unabated.

It’s time for Jeremy Corbyn to intervene and remind these Labour Mayors that it is Labour’s policy to oppose driver only trains and that their first responsibility is to support workers in struggle in defence of this important principle.


Bin the Birmingham Blairites!


United we can defeat the Tory/Blairites

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition salutes the hard fought victory of Birmingham’s bin workers.

Birmingham council have backed down on the eve of a High Court hearing to determine whether their 106 threatened redundancies were lawful.

Under pressure from Unite the Union’s bin workers the council have agreed to withdraw the redundancies and give the affected workers new job titles and duties while maintaining their current grade, pay and conditions.

It proves that if you fight you can win. If you don’t, defeat is guaranteed.

This dispute has exposed the sorry role of Blairite Labour councillors who, from day one of the banker-induced financial crisis, have slavishly carried out every cut demanded by the Tories.

With a handful of exceptions 6000 Labour Councillors have refused to fight Tory cuts, and instead have imposed draconic cuts on the very people who rely on Labour to protect them.

The question has to be posed: should right wing councillors who have hijacked the name ‘Labour’ and do the bidding of the Tories and who spent over £6million of public money to try and break the strike, be given a free ride in future elections?

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition says NO.

The battle to drive Blairite councillors from the Labour Party must continue. In the 2018 May elections many bin workers will be up for challenging Labour councillors whose strike-breaking tactics have dragged the term ‘Labour’ in the mud.

These councillors act as though Jeremy Corbyn ws never elected leader on an anti-austerity platform. Challenging them would be not be opposing Jeremy Corbyn. It is they who oppose everything Corbyn stands for.

It’s time they were held to account.

Merril Lynch – your sponging bank who sees big bucks in Trump and fears Jeremy Corbyn

While I denigrate the innocents I’ll increase your mega profits


James Gorman. Worried about where his next million is coming from

The US investment bank Morgan Stanley has warned that Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister would be worse for British business than Brexit.

The bank said that nationalisation of industries, higher taxes on corporations and more spending on low-income household and the public sector could – horror of horrors – decrease the value of UK companies.

Morgan Stanley, the state-hating, socialist fearing, so-called creator of all wealth, went cap in hand for a $107.3 billion bail-out from the Fed during the 2008 crisis. This was more than any other bank.

In December 2015, it was reported that they intended to cut around 25 percent of its fixed income jobs.

The bank said this about Trump: ‘His anti-terrorism stance will also have positive implications for Defense stocks.’

As the bank’s stock surged on the back of Trump’s victory, chief executive James Gorman made a $2.9m profit in one day by exercising share options. This year Gorman will receive $22.5 million in total ‘compensation’.

Never mind Trump’s racist rants, his misogyny, his legitimising of fascist murderers, his pandering to the basest instincts of his electoral base, if his policies turn a quick buck, that sits OK with Morgan Stanley.