Support grows for the Garston 3

The Prole Star says ‘The anonymity of their original accusers, the complete absence of due process, the sloppy responses of Labour’s disciplinary bureaucrats and the refusal of their own CLP chair and exec. to allow CLP members to debate an emergency motion (which demanded they be afforded due process) raises doubts about the motivations of all involved.’

‘Supporters of the Garston 3 have launched a petition demanding their immediate reinstatement, which has gathered more than 300 signatures in just a few days. They have also attracted vociferous support on social media, with calls for other CLPs to raise motions asking for their reinstatement.’

The 3 received notification of their expulsion 24 hours after they were fingered by a Progress stooly. Yet almost a fortnight after their appeal was lodged, there has been no response. When it comes to expulsions, the witch-hunters react with lightning speed. When it comes to hearing an appeal, they are suddenly paralyzed. I wonder how many new members have these people have recruited.

Sign the petition and support the 3 as symbols of LP democracy.


BBC reveals gigantic con against the working class

Jac Peretti

The BBC2 revelations by Jac Peretti in The Super rich and Us blew the lid of the gigantic con that has pauperised whole sections of working class society since the crash. A con started by Thatcher maintained by Blair and Brown, and ramped up by the Tories, with Cameron and May carrying on the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in modern history, with the Blairites applauding this grand theft. Remember Mandelson’s axiom: ‘I am relaxed about the filthy rich, as long as they pay their taxes,’ when he knew of course they were a class of tax dodging parasites. The UK has more billionaires per head of population than any other country on the planet, with London the honey pot for the drooling billionaires who pay £30000 for a gold facial.

One startling fact encapsulates this obscenity: an estimated £80billion has been robbed from the workers, the exact amount paid out in bankers’ bonuses since 2008.

Then there was the spectacle of Local Authorities, some Labour (yes Labour) flogging off publicly owned land to foreign billionaires who then build apartments for rents which are totally out of working class reach. This whole charade was justified by the phoney ‘trickle down’ theory. The dynamic of capitalism is to maximise profit where money gushes up, not down.

They got away with this because the working class has been effectively disenfranchised for the last 30 years, with the TUC too timid to step up, with Council leaders like Joe Anderson acquiescing in austerity and awarding Tory cheer leader, Michael Heseltine, the freedom of the city.

No wonder one ex-Tory minister is on record saying; ‘I can’t believe what we’re getting away with.’

The Tory onslaught goes on. Jeremy and TU leaders must organise seriously to rid us of this parasitic system. This means a massive anti-austerity campaign culminating with getting Corbyn into Downing Street.  If the Blairites jeopardise that objective, they must be cut loose by the Party membership.

Party democracy: seize the time! At stake is either the derailment of Corbynism by the Blairites who still control the Party machine, or continuing the fight against austerity and the creation of a Party truly representative of the working class



The recent expulsion of 3 pensioners from Garston/Halewood without due process and the absence of any semblance of natural justice gives submissions to the Labour Party Democracy Review an added urgency. Remember, the deadline for phase one will be 12 January 2018

Phase two will cover:

  • The governance of CLPs.

This raises the importance of elected officers being accountable to branch, youth and trade union delegates and being aware of their responsibility of using their positions to facilitate democratic discussion and decision-making and not as a barrier to membership involvement in the governance of CLPs.

  • The role of socialist societies.

This could include facilitating the affiliation of, for instance, the Socialist Party. The Co-Op Party falls into this category.

  • Improving diversity and gender representation
  • Strengthening the involvement and participation of members

This underlines the issue of members being empowered to select the candidate of their choice before general and local elections

Also the replacement of campaign forums with a District Labour Party-type structure could be called for. 

  • The recruitment of members and harnessing the potential of social media.

Proposals could include the replacement of the expulsion committee (known as the Governance and Legal Unit) with a Recruitment and Retention of Members Committee, charged with building the membership.

More on the Garston 3. Progress Witchunt goes into overdrive


Labour Movement stalwarts: Bob, Tony and Jerry

At the Garston/Halewood CLP a motion requesting a fair hearing for the 3 was denied by the Momentum-supporting chair on the grounds that it was ‘inappropriate’. Strange, as the same chair accepted the proposal to turf Bob out of a meeting and exclude his two comrades when the matter wasn’t even on the agenda, nor were they given the right to defend themselves. Whatever happened to natural justice! It was introduced by a Progress member. Progress is the Tory Trojan horse in the Labour Party. It’s main objectives are to oppose Jeremy Corbyn, to restore Blairism, and compiling lists of people as targets for expulsion. This list doesn’t, of course, include MPs and Councillors who have threatened to stand against Labour if they are deselected, or sharing platforms with Liberals and Tories.

The witchunt has gone into overdrive. They are scouring the social media and accessing emails in the hope of digging up ‘evidence’ that the Garston 3 are mortal enemies of Labour. If these scoundrels had displayed the same energy as the Garston 3 in supporting JC at the last election, May would be out of office and Jeremy would be in Downing Street and, for a start, thousands would be immediately relieved of the horrors of Universal Credit.

Teresa May & the crazed wing of the Tory Party

Me and Mick Coyle at Radio City

Wednesday 25 October in the City Centre doing my regular stint at Radio City Talk giving my views on Prime Minister’s Question Time with City presenter grand inquisitor Mick Coyle.

Today’s joust between Corbyn and May saw JC landing lethal blow after lethal blow on lame duck PM May. Amongst other issues, she was on the ropes trying to defend Universal Credit which is visiting catastrophe on the poorest in our society, she responded with the mantra that ‘it is working’!

The Brexit debate was a bizarre one with JC exposing the gaping splits in the ranks of the government with Johnson, Davies, Hammond and May proclaiming different positions on the government’s negotiating objectives. Her only lame response was the mantra that they would secure what was ‘best for Britain.’

I told Mick that she meant what was most likely to pacify the crazed chauvinistic racist wing of the Tory party.

I told Mick in response to his question that I favoured withdrawal from the rich man’s club, but on an entirely different basis to the Tory/UKIP stance.

We need to replace the EU with a United Socialist States of Europe while extracting the best deal for UK workers from the current negotiations.

A striking feature of these post election PMQs is instead of a sullen silence greeting JC from his own back benches, that’s been replaced by a semblance of applause. It’s amazing how one general election result can concentrate the minds of right wingers who want to hang on to their Parliamentary careers.

I gave JC 9 out of 10 for his performance. With a big fat zero for Teresa May.

Support the Garston/Halewood 3



Stop these expulsions now!

The MPA deplores the fact that three disabled pensioners who have struggled to defend workers  for decades – Bob Walker, Tony Lucock, and Gerry Tyrell – have been summarily expelled from the Labour Party on the false and spurious grounds that they attended a TUSC meeting.

TUSC is an anti-austerity coalition which gave full support to Jeremy Corbyn in the last general election and is open to any one opposed to austerity to attend.

The three were expelled without any chance of answering the charges and were denied any facet of natural justice.

We note that it was a member of Progress who backed heavily defeated Blairite candidate Liz Kendall in the Labour leadership contest. who triggered the expulsion, the same Progress whose members freely associate with Tories and Liberals. Liz Kendall not only attended the Lib Dem conference last year, but went as an invited speaker. Frank Field called on Labour MPs to stand against Labour if they were deselected. Yet these people still remain members of the Labour Party.

By contrast Bob, Tony and Gerry deny that they are members of, or support, any party other than Labour and worked tirelessly in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour at the last general election.

We call for this decision to be rescinded immediately and that Bob, Tony and Gerry be reinstated so they can continue to fight for the election of a Labour government.

We call on Jeremy and John to put a stop to this madness.

Copies to be sent to Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell with the request that they immediately intervene to reverse this injustice.


Without warning and in violation of every element of natural justice more good socialists, who have spent decades fighting the Tories, have been expelled from the Labour Party on the false grounds they attended a meeting inimical to Labour in Liverpool. This was initiated by members of Progress who have never called for the expulsion of the Blairites who stabbed Jeremy Corbyn in the back, and publicly threatened to stand against Labour candidates if they were deselected.

My old dad used to say to me ‘I judge a person by the company he keeps’. What would he make of these images?

JC with Terry Fields and Dave Nellist

Liz Kendall, apparently at home

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Blairites trigger expulsions