Andrew Marr again confirms BBC’s anti-Corbyn bias. His horse couldn’t have been higher when, in his Sunday show, he quoted another shock, horror report while interrogating Labour’s Angela Rayner.


Marr & Neil

‘He’s always completely impartial’

Marr referred to a meeting of Bristol North Labour Party where, according to Marr’s sources – he didn’t reveal from where – the MP, Thangam Debbonaire, fresh from the anti-Corbyn rally in Parliament Square, was ‘shouted down and hounded from the meeting.’
As one who has been shouted down by right wingers (sometimes drunken ones) at meetings, and physically assaulted, I can confirm the experience is not very pleasant and there is no place for such behaviour. However, I will reserve judgement pending the version of events from the genuine supporters of socialism in Bristol North.
Incidentally I was thrown out of a Momentum so-called public meeting after my presence was challenged by a Labour councillor who had voted for every cut in social provision in Liverpool.
Marr then quoted a resolution moved at the meeting which challenged the grotesque inequality in society, with poverty existing alongside the enormous wealth of a few. Marr, in a grotesque conflation, made the bizarre observation: ‘if that wasn’t an anti-Semitic trope I don’t know what is.’ Then, really getting into his stride, he demanded to know whether Jeremy Corbyn would suspend the Bristol North Labour Party
In the world of Marr and the BBC condemning poverty and deprivation is now evidence of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. And heaven forbid that the behaviour of a Labour MP who attends a rally with Blairites, Tories, including Norman Tebbit, and various others hostile to Socialism, should be questioned.
Unfortunately, Angela, while underlining inequality in Tory Britain, offered no challenge to Marr’s assertions.
Andrew Marr and the BBC don’t present news, their agenda is anti-Corbyn and criticism plucked straight from the Daily Verbiage is presented as fact. Instead of meekly accepting that there is ‘a problem’ every right-wing version of events should be robustly challenged.

Anti-Semitism: another shock, horror revelation hits the airwaves


Corbyn – You’re fired!

‘Joshua Garfield stepped down as a Youth Officer of the Jeremy Corbyn campaign group’s Newham steering branch’ was a lead headline. He declared ‘he’s “experienced more anti-Semitism in the past week than I ever have in my eight years of Labour Party membership”.’
Joshua was interviewed on BBC ‘flagship’ radio Today, on Friday 6 April.
He justifies his decision with the words: ‘I felt sometimes unsafe, and most certainly untrusted as a Jewish member of the Steering Group, hence I have decided to step down.’
The interviewer didn’t lay a glove him.
The obvious question to ask should have been: ‘Give a concrete example of an anti-Semitic statement.’ This was not asked nor did Joshua give one. His response was innuendo, generalities and verbiage which has marked the ‘evidence’ of those creating this fictitious ‘devil’ consuming Labour.

In a desperate attempt to calm this frenzied debate, that paragon of impartiality Lord Polak, honorary president of the Conservative Friends of Israel, has sent a letter to the metropolitan police chief urging a probe on anti-Semitic abuse in the Labour Party. The letter was signed by high-profile members of the House of Lords including Lord Sugar.
Scandalously, Momentum leader John Lannsman’s capitulation to the pressure of the Toxic amalgam of Corbyn adversaries by suggesting there is ‘unconscious’ anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has fed the frenzy of the beast.
What’s next? Is it the ‘spectral evidence’ used by the deranged prosecutors in the Salem witch trials, captured so brilliantly by Arthur Miller in The Crucible. This means the accused could be at home in bed, but their spirit could be abroad doing the devil’s work. Miller used his celebrated work as an allegory for the anti-Communist witch-hunts led by Joe McCarthy in the 1950s.
Any sane person now views with horror the grotesque consequences of powerful forces in Salem using the witch-hunt to demonise then kill their adversaries. The innocence of the victims was eventually restored, too late for those executed.
We expect the Murdoch Press and the Daily Mail, et al, to use every dirty trick to undermine a socialist leader. But the BBC, as a publicly-funded body, charged with presenting a balanced version of the news, should be condemned for being complicit in giving credence to this anti-Corbyn hysteria.

Shock, horror: Jewish donor ditches Labour




If it brings down Corbyn – count me in. Besides, it’s a lot fun. Anyway I’ve got my funds stashed in an off-shore bank account.


Wild accusations, alternative facts, special prosecutors—the Salem witch trials of 1692 had it all. Sound familiar?


Witch-hunts from Salem to McCarthy are rooted in preserving the material interests of powerful people who ruthlessly exploit fear and prejudice to undermine those who threaten their privileged position.


The current anti-semitic hysteria, generated by a toxic mix of Tories, Blairites fearing re-selection, right wing self-styled representatives of the ‘Jewish community’, cheered on and encouraged by a feral media, meets all the classical traits of the witch-hunt.


The latest body-blow to the Labour Movement and, allegedly, further proof that anti-semitism is a ‘problem’ for Corbyn’s Labour Party is the resignation of Sir David Garrard, who according to the headline in the so-called quality Observer, ‘ditches Labour over anti-semitism.’


Garrard exemplifies the forces being mobilised to undermine Corbyn. He was loyal to Blair, Brown and Miliband. He was listed by the Sunday Times Rich List with a fortune in excess of £100 million.


Following the discovery of a loan to Labour in the course of the Cash for Honours political scandal, Garrard withdrew his nomination for a peerage. When Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party, he immediately called for the loan to be repaid.


Leon Trotsky famously stated, repeated years later by George Brown, ‘No ruling group ever leaves the scene without a struggle, and that means a struggle with no holds barred.’


It’s the job of the leadership, not to bend to this pressure by sacrificing individuals in the hope that this will assuage the appetite of the beast. The right wing will never be satisfied until the ideas of Socialism are buried. The policy should be to intensify the campaign against austerity and to call out the lies of the right wing for what they are. No more apologising, go on the offensive, elevate the campaign for the Socialist alternative to the brutal anti-working class policies of the Tories and their shadows on Labour’s back benches.


McCarthy and the Salem witch-hunters were eventually exposed as charlatans and phonies, and not a little insane. Stand firm and the current onslaught will suffer the same fate.


Blairites gang up on Corbyn and pledge their undying loyalty to Teresa May




Who? Me?




Yes. You!


The usual Blairite uber-cutters Yvette Cooper, Hilary Benn, Ben Bradshaw, Pat McFadden and Chris Bryant were among those who offered their support to Teresa May’s jingoistic stance on Putin’s Russia, while lining up to yet again plunge the dagger into Jeremy’s back. The Russian state, Cooper said, ‘should be met with unequivocal condemnation’. May, gushingly thanked Cooper for her support.

Jeremy’s crime? He suggested that a little more evidence should be available before drawing the conclusion that Putin, the plunderer of the state-owned Russian resources, and friend of the Russian oligarchs who contribute to the Tory Party, should be found guilty.

The howls of outrage from the right wing are similar to the attacks on those MPs who dared to question the decision to invade Iraq. Remember Jack Straw’s slur that they were appeasers comparable to those who sold out Czechoslovakia to Hitler at Munich in 1938.

The whole world now stands aghast at the turmoil in the Middle East which was triggered off by the catastrophic decision to support the crazy in the White House (Bush not Trump) and invade Iraq.

Socialists don’t need any lessons about Putin’s gangster State from the Tories. Remember they celebrated the avalanche of privatisation and plunder of State resources which followed the collapse of Stalinism after the wall fell. The Russian working class were reduced to dire poverty as a result.

The stance of the Blairite MPs makes nonsense of those on the left who argue that mandatory re-selection is not necessary as the PLP are now on board with Jeremy.

Crisis? What crisis? A predictable response from the myopic friend of the fat cats Jeremy Hunt.



‘There’s no crisis – what’s all the fuss about’

Key features missing from the media debate are the massive cut in funding; nurses and other essential staff, deprived of a decent wage rise for 8 years, leaving the profession and being replaced by expensive agency staff – a rip-off for the privateers.
This goes on while the Tories have transferred some £56billion extra into the wallets of the spivs who donate 70% of the Tory Party’s income.
The BBC flagship Newsnight questioned Hunt about the crisis. They didn’t land a glove on him. Not one of these key issues were raised with him.
The time for hand-wringing about the appalling consequences for patients resulting from the Tory private vision for the NHS is past.
It’s time to develop a strategy, particularly from the NHS trade union leaders, to turf the Tories from power and replace them with a Corbyn-led government.


Lord Adonis and the Garston 3

Lord Adonis gets the headlines, but the Garston 3 are not going away.


I bumped into Garston 3 luminary Jerry Tyrrel on New Year’s eve. I asked him had he heard from McNichol’s thought police about his appeal against expulsion by the Blair wing of the Labour Party. He told me ‘No, but the Garston 3 won’t be forgotten. We’re not going anywhere. We’ll make reinstatement our life’s work,’ he said.

Well said.

The outcome of their campaign can symbolise whether the Blair wing ultimately prevails, or the movement of Jeremy Corbyn stamps its authority on a vibrant socialist Party of Labour with the Blairites cleansed from the ranks of the PLP.


‘I used to be a Blairite – but you’ve got to go with the flow’

The Tories are so politically corrupt and shambolic, that even Heseltine’s mucker Lord Adonis is looking radical. This worshipper of the fat cats’ Euro Club is the same Lord who headed Tony Blair’s policy unit and was a key driver of the decision to impose tuition fees on university students, although he now recognises the scheme has turned into a Frankenstein monster.

Adonis joined the Labour Party in 1995, the day after Tony Blair ripped the socialist Clause IV from the party’s constitution, saying ‘That was when I decided that the liberals had achieved a takeover of the Labour Party.’

It’s noticeable that he doesn’t call for the resignation of the government, just Grayling will do.

When even the crypto-Tories are deserting them, a determined campaign of demonstrations and industrial action by Jeremy and militant trade union leaders could create the conditions for a general election and blow away this ramshackle shambles of a government and give immediate respite to the embattled working class.

The true crimes of Damian Green

Inequality determines level of health care….Green and friends’ legacy!


Flooding-conference-Damian-Green-018[1] You should see what I really got away with…..!

Detective Neil Lewis.jpg I told you I’d get him!

Damian Green’s much publicised downfall conjures up the image of a burglar who ransacks a house, steals all the valuable gear, but then is convicted of breaking a window as he leaves with the loot
The Daily Mail’s mouthpiece of bile, Richard Littlejohn, penned an indignant defence of Green with this morsel of balanced journalism: ‘It’s easy to forget how Britain was transformed into a virtual one-party state during the Tony Blair/Gordon Brown years – aided and abetted by the highly political former met commissioner Ian Blair, who effectively turned the police into the paramilitary wing of new labour.’
In Littlejohn’s world Green is the victim of a plot to avenge his crashing the career of former Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Bob Quick and a retired detective called Neil Lewis.
Littlejohn may have a point…

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