The distortions of the anti-Corbyn brigade

It’s a sign of the poisonous atmosphere created by the anti-Corbyn amalgam’s relentless attacks that the call for a mass rally of the working class can be linked to Nuremberg, a symbol of Hitler’s triumphalism on his murderous march to power.
Choosing one’s words very carefully is now the order of the day less they be seized on and twisted beyond recognition, a feature of the current anti-Corbyn campaigners.
A brief glance at history reveals the role of the mass rally in defending the working class and securing major advances.
At the battle of Cable Street a mass rally of the working class saw off Oswald Moseley when he attempted to march through a predominantly Jewish quarter.
The Reform Acts of the 1880s were the first faltering steps to the universal suffrage that we enjoy today. They were in response to pressure on the government by mass rallies of the middle and emerging organised working class.
When the Wilson government attempted to enact anti-Trade Union laws in 1969 the TUC, under pressure from its mass membership, organised the greatest protest mass rally for 100 years. Wilson was compelled to drop the anti-union proposals.
During the 1972 miners’ strike, a mass rally of workers closed the Saltley Gates in Birmingham, which effectively secured victory for the miners. The Tory government lost the general election which followed.
Recently, mass demos in Liverpool chased the fascists out of the city on two occasions.
History is rich in such examples.
It’s interesting to note that none of the anti-Corbyn brigade mentioned that part of my tweet which referred to taking on the far right.

Omerta (silence) in Durham

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I was one of 250,000 who flocked to a sun-soaked Durham for the 134th Durham Miners Gala on Saturday 14th July. This is the largest attendance at the Big Meeting (as it is known locally) for at least 50 years, and the mood was both celebratory and optimistic as the multitude applauded Jeremy Corbyn’s left-wing policies.

Jeremy Corbyn himself attended the Gala, and speaking from the platform, received loud roars of approval when he committed the next Labour government to renationalising Rail, Water, Royal Mail, etc. The mood was enthusiastic and combative. The more radical the speeches, the louder the roars. If that spirit can permeate the mass of the working class, May’s ramshackle government will be toppled and Jeremy will sweep to power at the coming general election.

Speeches referred to the grotesque cuts in social care, the fire service, the police service which placed the general public at severe risk. But the silence about the role of Labour-controlled authorities implementing these cuts without a peep of resistance was deafening. The Sicilian Mafia referred to this silence as ‘Omerta.’

On Merseyside the fire authority is not only implementing cuts on a monumental scale, but is also driving down firefighters hard-worn wages and conditions, and using tax-payers money to build a scab army with the specific intention of breaking the FBU.

Astoundingly this was not mentioned.

The only explanation can be that now is the time for unity, and attacking Blairite Labour Councillors would weaken the anti-Tory campaign.

If that is the argument, it is a fatal strategy. Nye Bevan referred to it as ‘the unity of the graveyard’.

Now is the time to be bold and call out the Blairites for the pernicious role they are playing at local level.


Friday the 13th: the sequel


Trump: ‘The slashing in that movie’s got nothing on me baby.’                                                 May: ‘That’s not the movie, that’s the date of your catastrophe, sorry, visit. Anyway, I’ve demonised and pauperised far more innocents than you.’

A rapturous reception is in preparation for the visit of the ogre from the White House. The world cup will be forgotten in the excitement generated by visit of Behemoth. Cruella May will find Trump’s presence a real balm after the backstabbing in the cabinet over the Brexit farce.

Trumps solution? ‘Teresa, dump those whingeing remoaners and not only get the hell out of there, but build a wall around the UK, and keep everyone out, except yours truly of course.’

A powerful shot across Trump’s bows



This woman is a threat to every billionaire in the US.


Onward to socialism, no more bigotry, free health care, tax the billionaires, end their tax breaks

A stunning primary victory for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York. A Bernie Sanders supporter and  supported by the Democratic Socialists of America, she bravely took on the Democratic establishment. She stands alongside socialist councillor Kshama Sawant as a beacon for the future. The bully Trump should shake in his $5000 boots

McNicol: ennobled for services rendered

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 1

'I'll do to the House of Lords what I did to the Labour Party - 
those Socialists bring the Party into disrepute.'

Will Iain McNicol carry on the class struggle in the House of Lords?
His Lordship, fresh from cleansing the Labour Party of Socialists, has been ennobled. A reward from the capitalist state for services rendered. Corbyn nominated him, that’s a bit curious. Maybe a quid pro quo for resigning as General Secretary before he was pushed.
He will be looking forward to collaborating with his old mates Kinnock and Mandelson in his ambitious objective of rooting out any socialists who may have sneaked into the Lords. He will be invaluable in sniffing out anybody to the left of Mandelson and organising their expulsion.

Corbyn: no conspiracy? You must be joking!


Hercule Poirot

‘To suggest that there is no conspiracy, mon ami, is to fly in the face of all the evidence’



Andrew Gwynne.jpg

Andrew Gwynne: ‘Jeremy says there is no conspiracy’


The definition of a ‘conspiracy’ according to the Oxford dictionary is ‘a plot, scheme, stratagem or plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.’ Any one of these definitions can describe the current surreal campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn by tarring him with the poison of anti-Semitism.
The campaign undoubtedly affected the local council election results with many Labour supporters being confused by perceived disarray in Labour’s ranks, which is caused by the constant sniping at Corbyn by the Blairites who still dominate the PLP and the Party bureaucracy.
What are the facts?
The prosecutors: The Tories, Blairite Corbyn-baiting PLP members, the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph, The Scum, and various other right-wing journals, including the Jewish Chronicle (or am I being anti-Semitic in describing the political stance of that publication?); the BBC, a relentless anti-Corbyn vehicle paid for by the tax payer.
Then there is Lord Polak, honorary president of the Conservative Friends of Israel, who has sent a letter to the metropolitan police chief urging a probe into anti-Semitic abuse in the Labour Party.
Their ‘evidence’? Innuendo, conflating the actions of far-right thugs with anti-Semitism in the LP, describing challenges to right wing MPs as creating a ‘toxic’ atmosphere in Party branches. For instance, Luciana Burger was asked to ‘come on board’ and support Corbyn by a party member, this was greeted by howls of anguish by the same Burger who stood on a soap box at the Tory-Blairite-inspired rally in Parliament Square demanding expulsions from the LP.
Mega publicity is given to the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC). This body’s pronouncements on internal Labour party affairs is treated like the final word of all Jewish people, irrespective of their class position. It is made up of a number of capitalists who naturally, given their class position, oppose socialism.
Until recently the JLC was chaired by Sir Mick Davies who in June 2017 was appointed chief executive of the Conservative Party.
The defence: Hundreds of thousands of Labour Party members, including members of 50-odd years standing, who have witnessed no instances of anti-Semitism.
The demand for concrete evidence of anti-Semitism is met with bluster or silence from the Labour Party bureaucrats.
Then there is the pro-Corbyn Jewish voice for Labour with hundreds of Jewish supporters opposed to the witch-hunt whose views are studiously ignored by the same anti-Corbyn toxic amalgam.
The examples of anti-Semitism given by the prosecution are:
Ken Livingstone being public enemy number one because of his clumsy attempt at an explanation as to the real character of Zionism.
Livingstone may have a dodgy record of political manoeuvring, cosying up to the Blairites when it suits him, abandoning the Liverpool socialist council in the 1980s for instance, but he is no anti-Semite.
When it became obvious that any charge of anti-Semitism against Marc Wadsworth would be ridiculed by any sane person, the expulsion panel decided ‘bringing the Party into disrepute’ would have to do.
This was because he made the observation that a right-wing Blairite Ruth Smeeth MP was working closely with the capitalist media. This was conflated by Smeeth into the fantasy of “anti-Semitic slurs to attack me for being part of a ‘media conspiracy’.” The poor sensitive dear, who favours pressing the nuclear button and blowing the planet to bits, was reduced to (crocodile?) tears.
You don’t have to be Hercule Poirot to detect that there is a prima facie case for a conspiracy or scheme to bury Corbyn and his policies with him.
Why, then, in the face of this overwhelming evidence does Andrew Gwynne, when being badgered by Andrew Marr, declare ‘Jeremy says there is no conspiracy.’ This ludicrous posture is echoed by the Momentum leadership.
Those caught in the spotlight of a witch-hunt throughout the ages believe that if you keep schtum or throw the slavering pack a bone it will satisfy them. The opposite is the case: they always demand more.
It is time for Jeremy to declare his belief that it is indeed a strategy by the representatives of capitalism to mortally damage him and the ideas he espouses. Anything less will, like the deranged prosecutors of Salem, whet the appetite of the anti-socialist pack.


Support mandatory reselection

Len &JC

‘Stand firm Jed, but I’m not sure about mandatory reselection….’



‘Those who deny their guilt shall taste the rack and the ducking stool – that’ll make them confess’

Full marks to Len McCluskey for his direct challenge to the phoney charges of anti-Semitism being regurgitated daily by a toxic anti-Corbyn, anti-socialist amalgam of Tories/Blairites and self-styled well-heeled leaders of the ‘Jewish community’ who, by the way, criticise Jeremy for attending a meeting of genuine Jewish activists of which they don’t approve.
Len said he did not personally support mandatory re-selection – meaning all MPs would face an open selection battle before an election – but added: ‘I look with disgust at the behaviour of the Corbyn-hater MPs who join forces with the most reactionary elements of the media establishment and I understand why there is a growing demand for mandatory reselection.’
He added: ‘To watch as these so-called social democrats tried to demean and attack, in front of our enemy, a decent and honourable man who has fought racism and anti-Semitism all his life and who has breathed life and hope back into the hearts of millions, especially the young, made my stomach churn. To see Tory MPs cheer and applaud them was shameful.’
Fine words from Len. But his non-support for mandatory re-selection is puzzling as this fifth column in the PLP appear to be unassailable and free to continue their sabotage without the Party membership able to hold them to account.
Incidentally, Keir Starmer introduces another twist in the anti-Semitic turmoil. He said ‘there is also a cultural question. Part of that cultural question is to stop those denying that there is even a problem. That is part of the problem. So, I am afraid I disagree with Len on this.’
How dare they deny the charge of anti-semitism!
What’s next? The equivalent of the medieval rack or the ducking stool to extract confessions to a crime they did not commit?