The anti-Corbyn smears continue


Net and Trump

Netanyahu: Thanks for your support bro. We’ve gotta stop that commie, Corbyn


The anti-Corbyn smears continue.

The Jewish Labour Movement are threatening to resign from the Labour Party.

There’s a surprise!

This organisation is part of the current virulently anti-Corbyn cabal which includes the Jewish Leadership Council, the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Labour Movement.

United with them in the aim of slandering Corbyn are Blairite Labour MPs, especially the 70-plus of them in Labour Friends of Israel, which is no more critical of Israel’s Netanyahu-led government and its killings in Gaza than is the right-wing Blairite Israeli Labour Party.

And are those joint Arab/Israeli demonstrations against Netanyahu’s racist nationality laws in Israel itself anti-semitic?

No! This is a movement of the Arab/Israeli working class against the right-wing Capitalist policies of Netanyahu, a dyed-in-the wool Tory free-marketer whose policies mirror those of Trump and May.

It’s these purveyors of lies and distortion who stand condemned, not Corbyn