Daily Mail – a fascist-loving rag

The fascist-supporting rag failed to mention that Hitler achieved this ‘victory’, two years after being manoeuvred into power by Hindenburg. In the two years that followed a reign of terror was unleashed on the German working class or any organisation which resisted the fascist juggernaut.  He murdering or sent to concentration camps all trade union leaders, socialists, CP members, shop stewards, and any one in a leading position in the Labour movement, or any independent organisation, rendering the working class leaderless. The Holocaust then followed which this rag should bear a heavy reasonability for.

He crushed all opposition, then went to the polls with fascist thugs outside every polling station armed to the teeth telling people which way to vote.

He had total control of the media with which his propaganda minister Goebbels who, in the absence of any alternative voice, applied his technique of ‘the bigger the lie – the more it is believed’.

It is to their eternal credit that, under those circumstances, 2 million Germans stood out and voted against Hitler. It is also a matter of record that Hitler never achieved more than 37% of the vote in free elections.

If the Labour Movement would have been united in their opposition to Hitler he could have been stopped in his tracks.

Thanks to Dave Williams for digging up this poisonous piece of Daily Mail history.

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