Tom Watson – a sinister tendency!

Tom Watson

‘Democracy? What’s that? If I don’t approve of their views I’ll close them down!’

Tom Watson displays an ominous authoritarian tendency.
Because Wavertree Labour Party posted a resolution expressing an opinion on their sitting MP, in accordance with elementary practice of accountability and freedom of expression, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, reportedly has called for Wavertree to be ‘closed down’.
This is the same Mr Watson who has praised the virtues of Blairism and attacked Jeremy Corbyn from public platforms. As well as using the Party Conference platform to pillory Corbyn for some imagined transgression.
Naturally he has received fulsome praise from the media, who have lovingly repeated his every criticism of Corbyn and of the new membership who have flooded into the Party since Corbyn was elected leader. He is on record as describing them as a bunch of Trots and Militants who have twisted the arms of half a million members to force them to support socialist policies.
It is not certain how many new members Mr Watson has actually recruited, I would imagine very few as his energies seem to be concentrated on expelling members rather than building the Party.
His latest demand to gag members who wish to express an opinion on the performance of their elected representative is breath-taking in its arrogance and reveals a profound ignorance of the basic tenets of democracy.
Most seriously, it a reveals disturbing tendency to authoritarianism which, in the psyche of the deputy leader, should cause the membership deep concern.
I would suggest that every defender of the rights of the Party members should flood the Labour and Trade Union structures condemning Watson’s stance.
I also believe that the Party has passed the time when ‘votes of no confidence’ in MPs are relevant, as the Blairites MPs who continue to colonise the PLP have long revealed their true colours.
It is time for every Party organisation to invoke the trigger ballot so that the membership can select the candidate who they believe is suitable in preparation for the General Election which could be called soon.
The longer this is delayed, the more it will allow the Party bureaucracy to claim that it is ‘too late’ to go through a selection procedure, and we will face the appalling prospect of going into a general election with the 172 ‘Labour’ anti-Corbyn MPs as sitting candidates.
Remember while the waffling goes on, May and her gang continue to inflict the most grievous hardship on those in our society least able to defend themselves.
The priority must be to get her out and field a team of Labour candidates who are prepared to fight for their class with the same determination that the Tories fight for their class.
Trigger ballots NOW!


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