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The murderer Dictator Pinochet

An answer to the suggestion that it is inappropriate to criticise Maduro when the capitalist hyenas are circling to impose a dictatorship on Venezuela.

I’m all in favour of building international solidarity against a coup in Venezuela, but the absence of constructive criticism was fatal in hiding the true danger in Chile in 1973 from the forces of reaction led by the gangster US CIA  who, with their allies, sabotaged all attempts by Salvador Allende to carry out policies in the interests of the working class.

In 1973, when it was clear that Allende was on course to win the elections, the military, led by the murderer Pinochet, staged one of the most vicious coups in history, when thousands were tortured and murdered by the dictatorship.

Remember the statement by Communist Party leader Luis Corvalan, days before the coup and murder of Allende, he said: ‘We respect the professional stance of the armed forces in their professional defence of Chilean democracy.’

Allende actually brought the murderous General Pinochet (below) into his cabinet under the tragic illusion that he would protect him, when he was the chief instigator of his murder.

Similarly Maduro’s reliance on the military – which is an arm of capitalism – can lead to fatal consequences.

We do a disservice to the working class not to highlight the lessons of history.

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