Venezuela – a weapon for the Tories


Venezuela – a weapon for the Tories
The Venezuelan catastrophe is being weaponised by the usual anti-Corbyn cabal who falsely describe it as another failed socialist experiment. It is not socialism that has failed. Had socialism been carried through in Venezuela at the height of the mass movement following the failed coup against Chávez in 2002, the outcome could have been different.
Chavez defeated the coup and received support from the mass of Venezuelans and implemented reforms in their interests. But his failure to nationalise the banks, the oil reserves and other key sectors meant the capitalists could sabotage Chavez’s programme. In addition, democratic control and participation of the working class in running society were absent. Hugo developed a personality cult with himself as the supreme policy maker.
Maduro is a grotesque imitation of Chavez, and, despite his pompous declarations about socialism and revolution, his policy consists of using the state and party apparatus to manage capitalism, but it’s the Venezuelans who should hold him to account, not Jeremy Hunt, the butcher of the NHS, Trump, or Brazil’s Bolsonaro who rushed to recognise the unelected Guaidó. as president and, with breath-taking hypocrisy, they condemn the Maduro government while selling arms to the most bloodthirsty dictators on the planet. This, while unleashing another outrageous smear against Corbyn.
The Labour Movement needs to mobilise to defend Corbyn, demand a general election, and emphatically reject the charge that Venezuela is a consequence of socialism.

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