Dawn Butler MP upsets the Blairites

Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler

Labour MP Dawn Butler stirred opinion when she paid a glowing tribute to ‘law-breaking by Liverpool’s Militant Tendency in 1984’.
“Conference, we are in Liverpool where over 30 years ago the council stood up to Thatcher and said-better to break the law than break the poor,” she said in a speech at Labour’s women’s conference.
This recognition of the courageous stance of the 47 surcharged councillors received condemnation from a totally predictable source and serves to underline the truth of Dawn’s comments.
From Sky News: ‘Ms Butler’s comments, loudly cheered by her audience, were immediately condemned by the Labour peer Baroness Thornton, who was awarded a peerage by Tony Blair, later served as a junior minister and is now an opposition front bencher in the Lords.’
Hear the facts: Tony Mulhearn, surcharged councillor and past President of the Liverpool District Labour Party, is speaking on the Council Struggle to defend the city from Thatcherism. Tuesday, 25 September at 7.30pm at the Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ.

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