With friends like these….


‘One bully actually asked me to “come on board”. I was so traumatised I didn’t sleep for a week.’

Amid the outpouring of outrage and grief from the media-driven anti-Corbyn amalgam at Frank Field’s long-overdue departure it was refreshing to see plenty of posts describing the sainted Frankie’s true agenda.
This was in sharp contrast to Joe Riley’s Liverpool Echo piece which read like a composite editorial of the Daily Mail, Scum, et al, who, when it suites them, define democratic accountability as ‘bullying’. Incidentally, I wonder how many members of Field’s constituency are known to Joe.
The portrait of Field as the sainted defender of the poor is totally false. After the banker-induced crash he asserted that the only solution was savage cuts in public services, with the pensioners accepting their share as they, according to Frankie, prosper at the expense of the young. He doesn’t mention that British pensions are the second lowest in the EU.
When he said ‘We will have to cut our living standards’, did he mean the 1% who control 50% of the wealth in Britain, or the CEO’s in the banks and industry whose income increased 100-fold under Frank’s adored New Labour? And increased even further under his much-admired Tory party.
Unfortunately, instead of celebrating his departure, our good comrade John McDonnel describes him as a good friend. I would say to John, with friends like that you don’t need an enemy agent in Labour’s ranks who is part of the right-wing alliance determined to crush you, Jeremy, and the ideas you espouse. Instead of trying to change his mind you should call on his mates to join him.

Duplicitous to the end, he doesn’t honestly confess that he had been rumbled by a fresh membership, but uses the excuse of the phoney anti-Semitism charges against Corbyn to justify his jumping ship.

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