Corbyn: no conspiracy? You must be joking!


Hercule Poirot

‘To suggest that there is no conspiracy, mon ami, is to fly in the face of all the evidence’



Andrew Gwynne.jpg

Andrew Gwynne: ‘Jeremy says there is no conspiracy’


The definition of a ‘conspiracy’ according to the Oxford dictionary is ‘a plot, scheme, stratagem or plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.’ Any one of these definitions can describe the current surreal campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn by tarring him with the poison of anti-Semitism.
The campaign undoubtedly affected the local council election results with many Labour supporters being confused by perceived disarray in Labour’s ranks, which is caused by the constant sniping at Corbyn by the Blairites who still dominate the PLP and the Party bureaucracy.
What are the facts?
The prosecutors: The Tories, Blairite Corbyn-baiting PLP members, the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph, The Scum, and various other right-wing journals, including the Jewish Chronicle (or am I being anti-Semitic in describing the political stance of that publication?); the BBC, a relentless anti-Corbyn vehicle paid for by the tax payer.
Then there is Lord Polak, honorary president of the Conservative Friends of Israel, who has sent a letter to the metropolitan police chief urging a probe into anti-Semitic abuse in the Labour Party.
Their ‘evidence’? Innuendo, conflating the actions of far-right thugs with anti-Semitism in the LP, describing challenges to right wing MPs as creating a ‘toxic’ atmosphere in Party branches. For instance, Luciana Burger was asked to ‘come on board’ and support Corbyn by a party member, this was greeted by howls of anguish by the same Burger who stood on a soap box at the Tory-Blairite-inspired rally in Parliament Square demanding expulsions from the LP.
Mega publicity is given to the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC). This body’s pronouncements on internal Labour party affairs is treated like the final word of all Jewish people, irrespective of their class position. It is made up of a number of capitalists who naturally, given their class position, oppose socialism.
Until recently the JLC was chaired by Sir Mick Davies who in June 2017 was appointed chief executive of the Conservative Party.
The defence: Hundreds of thousands of Labour Party members, including members of 50-odd years standing, who have witnessed no instances of anti-Semitism.
The demand for concrete evidence of anti-Semitism is met with bluster or silence from the Labour Party bureaucrats.
Then there is the pro-Corbyn Jewish voice for Labour with hundreds of Jewish supporters opposed to the witch-hunt whose views are studiously ignored by the same anti-Corbyn toxic amalgam.
The examples of anti-Semitism given by the prosecution are:
Ken Livingstone being public enemy number one because of his clumsy attempt at an explanation as to the real character of Zionism.
Livingstone may have a dodgy record of political manoeuvring, cosying up to the Blairites when it suits him, abandoning the Liverpool socialist council in the 1980s for instance, but he is no anti-Semite.
When it became obvious that any charge of anti-Semitism against Marc Wadsworth would be ridiculed by any sane person, the expulsion panel decided ‘bringing the Party into disrepute’ would have to do.
This was because he made the observation that a right-wing Blairite Ruth Smeeth MP was working closely with the capitalist media. This was conflated by Smeeth into the fantasy of “anti-Semitic slurs to attack me for being part of a ‘media conspiracy’.” The poor sensitive dear, who favours pressing the nuclear button and blowing the planet to bits, was reduced to (crocodile?) tears.
You don’t have to be Hercule Poirot to detect that there is a prima facie case for a conspiracy or scheme to bury Corbyn and his policies with him.
Why, then, in the face of this overwhelming evidence does Andrew Gwynne, when being badgered by Andrew Marr, declare ‘Jeremy says there is no conspiracy.’ This ludicrous posture is echoed by the Momentum leadership.
Those caught in the spotlight of a witch-hunt throughout the ages believe that if you keep schtum or throw the slavering pack a bone it will satisfy them. The opposite is the case: they always demand more.
It is time for Jeremy to declare his belief that it is indeed a strategy by the representatives of capitalism to mortally damage him and the ideas he espouses. Anything less will, like the deranged prosecutors of Salem, whet the appetite of the anti-socialist pack.


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