Andrew Marr again confirms BBC’s anti-Corbyn bias. His horse couldn’t have been higher when, in his Sunday show, he quoted another shock, horror report while interrogating Labour’s Angela Rayner.


Marr & Neil

‘He’s always completely impartial’

Marr referred to a meeting of Bristol North Labour Party where, according to Marr’s sources – he didn’t reveal from where – the MP, Thangam Debbonaire, fresh from the anti-Corbyn rally in Parliament Square, was ‘shouted down and hounded from the meeting.’
As one who has been shouted down by right wingers (sometimes drunken ones) at meetings, and physically assaulted, I can confirm the experience is not very pleasant and there is no place for such behaviour. However, I will reserve judgement pending the version of events from the genuine supporters of socialism in Bristol North.
Incidentally I was thrown out of a Momentum so-called public meeting after my presence was challenged by a Labour councillor who had voted for every cut in social provision in Liverpool.
Marr then quoted a resolution moved at the meeting which challenged the grotesque inequality in society, with poverty existing alongside the enormous wealth of a few. Marr, in a grotesque conflation, made the bizarre observation: ‘if that wasn’t an anti-Semitic trope I don’t know what is.’ Then, really getting into his stride, he demanded to know whether Jeremy Corbyn would suspend the Bristol North Labour Party
In the world of Marr and the BBC condemning poverty and deprivation is now evidence of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. And heaven forbid that the behaviour of a Labour MP who attends a rally with Blairites, Tories, including Norman Tebbit, and various others hostile to Socialism, should be questioned.
Unfortunately, Angela, while underlining inequality in Tory Britain, offered no challenge to Marr’s assertions.
Andrew Marr and the BBC don’t present news, their agenda is anti-Corbyn and criticism plucked straight from the Daily Verbiage is presented as fact. Instead of meekly accepting that there is ‘a problem’ every right-wing version of events should be robustly challenged.

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