Anti-Semitism: another shock, horror revelation hits the airwaves


Corbyn – You’re fired!

‘Joshua Garfield stepped down as a Youth Officer of the Jeremy Corbyn campaign group’s Newham steering branch’ was a lead headline. He declared ‘he’s “experienced more anti-Semitism in the past week than I ever have in my eight years of Labour Party membership”.’
Joshua was interviewed on BBC ‘flagship’ radio Today, on Friday 6 April.
He justifies his decision with the words: ‘I felt sometimes unsafe, and most certainly untrusted as a Jewish member of the Steering Group, hence I have decided to step down.’
The interviewer didn’t lay a glove him.
The obvious question to ask should have been: ‘Give a concrete example of an anti-Semitic statement.’ This was not asked nor did Joshua give one. His response was innuendo, generalities and verbiage which has marked the ‘evidence’ of those creating this fictitious ‘devil’ consuming Labour.

In a desperate attempt to calm this frenzied debate, that paragon of impartiality Lord Polak, honorary president of the Conservative Friends of Israel, has sent a letter to the metropolitan police chief urging a probe on anti-Semitic abuse in the Labour Party. The letter was signed by high-profile members of the House of Lords including Lord Sugar.
Scandalously, Momentum leader John Lannsman’s capitulation to the pressure of the Toxic amalgam of Corbyn adversaries by suggesting there is ‘unconscious’ anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has fed the frenzy of the beast.
What’s next? Is it the ‘spectral evidence’ used by the deranged prosecutors in the Salem witch trials, captured so brilliantly by Arthur Miller in The Crucible. This means the accused could be at home in bed, but their spirit could be abroad doing the devil’s work. Miller used his celebrated work as an allegory for the anti-Communist witch-hunts led by Joe McCarthy in the 1950s.
Any sane person now views with horror the grotesque consequences of powerful forces in Salem using the witch-hunt to demonise then kill their adversaries. The innocence of the victims was eventually restored, too late for those executed.
We expect the Murdoch Press and the Daily Mail, et al, to use every dirty trick to undermine a socialist leader. But the BBC, as a publicly-funded body, charged with presenting a balanced version of the news, should be condemned for being complicit in giving credence to this anti-Corbyn hysteria.

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