Blairites gang up on Corbyn and pledge their undying loyalty to Teresa May




Who? Me?




Yes. You!


The usual Blairite uber-cutters Yvette Cooper, Hilary Benn, Ben Bradshaw, Pat McFadden and Chris Bryant were among those who offered their support to Teresa May’s jingoistic stance on Putin’s Russia, while lining up to yet again plunge the dagger into Jeremy’s back. The Russian state, Cooper said, ‘should be met with unequivocal condemnation’. May, gushingly thanked Cooper for her support.

Jeremy’s crime? He suggested that a little more evidence should be available before drawing the conclusion that Putin, the plunderer of the state-owned Russian resources, and friend of the Russian oligarchs who contribute to the Tory Party, should be found guilty.

The howls of outrage from the right wing are similar to the attacks on those MPs who dared to question the decision to invade Iraq. Remember Jack Straw’s slur that they were appeasers comparable to those who sold out Czechoslovakia to Hitler at Munich in 1938.

The whole world now stands aghast at the turmoil in the Middle East which was triggered off by the catastrophic decision to support the crazy in the White House (Bush not Trump) and invade Iraq.

Socialists don’t need any lessons about Putin’s gangster State from the Tories. Remember they celebrated the avalanche of privatisation and plunder of State resources which followed the collapse of Stalinism after the wall fell. The Russian working class were reduced to dire poverty as a result.

The stance of the Blairite MPs makes nonsense of those on the left who argue that mandatory re-selection is not necessary as the PLP are now on board with Jeremy.

3 thoughts on “Blairites gang up on Corbyn and pledge their undying loyalty to Teresa May

  1. I suggest you do some research on what life is like in Russia in this present time. Perhaps ask ordinary Russians whether or not they live in dire circumstances, poverty etc. I think you would be very surprised One should also remember that the Soviet Union had to exist behind an Iron Curtain and since the Russian Federation came into existence – they still have a long way to go to catch up with the West. Unfortunately the West do not want them to catch up. For example, Homosexuality was a crime here in Britain right up until the 1960s. It certainly took this country long enough!! It is not a crime in Russia but probably will take more time for these and similar prejudices to be broken. Russia had hoped to have close relations with Europe and the rest of the world – unfortunately this has not been allowed. The West would like nothing better than to erect another Iron Curtain.

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    • I detect a note of disapproval at my reference to Putin’s ‘gangster state.’ It may well be that sections of the Russian state are doing ok. That’s true of most regimes, that’s why they survive. But you must agree that there is a tendency for Putin’s critics to be imprisoned and, on occasion, assassinated – particularly investigative reporters prying into Putin’s affairs. Incidentally he is now pronounced as being the richest man in Russia. Given the number of Oligarchs who were enriched by the privatisation of State resources, that is some achievement. The present war of words between the Tories and the Russian government is akin to two Mafia families arguing over territory. Both should be treated with a healthy scepticism.


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