Crisis? What crisis? A predictable response from the myopic friend of the fat cats Jeremy Hunt.



‘There’s no crisis – what’s all the fuss about’

Key features missing from the media debate are the massive cut in funding; nurses and other essential staff, deprived of a decent wage rise for 8 years, leaving the profession and being replaced by expensive agency staff – a rip-off for the privateers.
This goes on while the Tories have transferred some £56billion extra into the wallets of the spivs who donate 70% of the Tory Party’s income.
The BBC flagship Newsnight questioned Hunt about the crisis. They didn’t land a glove on him. Not one of these key issues were raised with him.
The time for hand-wringing about the appalling consequences for patients resulting from the Tory private vision for the NHS is past.
It’s time to develop a strategy, particularly from the NHS trade union leaders, to turf the Tories from power and replace them with a Corbyn-led government.