Lord Adonis and the Garston 3

Lord Adonis gets the headlines, but the Garston 3 are not going away.


I bumped into Garston 3 luminary Jerry Tyrrel on New Year’s eve. I asked him had he heard from McNichol’s thought police about his appeal against expulsion by the Blair wing of the Labour Party. He told me ‘No, but the Garston 3 won’t be forgotten. We’re not going anywhere. We’ll make reinstatement our life’s work,’ he said.

Well said.

The outcome of their campaign can symbolise whether the Blair wing ultimately prevails, or the movement of Jeremy Corbyn stamps its authority on a vibrant socialist Party of Labour with the Blairites cleansed from the ranks of the PLP.


‘I used to be a Blairite – but you’ve got to go with the flow’

The Tories are so politically corrupt and shambolic, that even Heseltine’s mucker Lord Adonis is looking radical. This worshipper of the fat cats’ Euro Club is the same Lord who headed Tony Blair’s policy unit and was a key driver of the decision to impose tuition fees on university students, although he now recognises the scheme has turned into a Frankenstein monster.

Adonis joined the Labour Party in 1995, the day after Tony Blair ripped the socialist Clause IV from the party’s constitution, saying ‘That was when I decided that the liberals had achieved a takeover of the Labour Party.’

It’s noticeable that he doesn’t call for the resignation of the government, just Grayling will do.

When even the crypto-Tories are deserting them, a determined campaign of demonstrations and industrial action by Jeremy and militant trade union leaders could create the conditions for a general election and blow away this ramshackle shambles of a government and give immediate respite to the embattled working class.

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