Joe’s cunning housing plan


Mayor Joe

I can’t be expected to fight the cuts and build houses


Has Mayor Joe come around to our socialist way of thinking about remedying the shortage of affordable housing.

‘Affordable’ meaning not for the rich, but for working class people. A growing number of councils are also talking the same talk.

Has Joe admitted that after all the council can build houses without the sky falling in? Will he now retract his slurs about the 1980s council?

His plan begs the questions: Will rent controls apply? Will they be prevented from being flogged off to housing spivs who in turn let them for exorbitant rents? What real power will the council have?

The plan should also be the cue to drop the fetish for allowing developers to target every park in the city. No blacklisting companies should be entertained and proper apprenticeships followed by proper jobs should be assured.

The Mayor maintains that they are prevented from building council houses. Surely councils can do whatever they want with the money they borrow from the Public Works Loan Board or from the banks. He should put this restriction to the test by declaring his council will build the 1000s of houses that are needed. After all, the Localism Act appears to mean whatever suits the situation.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on councils to build houses. Shouldn’t Liverpool’s Labour Council act on this policy?

If they build houses with the same alacrity that they implement Tory cuts, the problem will quickly be resolved.

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