Will Steve McNichol LP GS move swiftly?



‘Swiftly?……er…I don’t know! Is she a Socialist or a Blairite?’


Hate Incident Angers Merseyside Pensioners

The Merseyside Pensioners Association (MPA) have called for the resignation of a Liverpool City Councillor Clare McIntyre following a comment she posted on social media against one of their members.

The post has been investigated by Merseyside police as a hate incident. The victim of the incident was MPA member Phil Maxwell who is also the ‘Disability Lead’ for Wavertree constituency Labour Party.

Labour Party General Secretary Ian McNichol will also be informed of this situation and we trust he will take appropriate action to ensure this behaviour by a Labour Party councillor will neither be tolerated or repeated.
Chair of the MPA Julie Lyon-Taylor said “In full knowledge of Phil’s condition as a disabled person living with cancer, Cllr McIntyre cruelly taunted Phil with an invitation to campaign “on the doorsteps”. Understandably Phil has been acutely distressed by this abuse. It is clear that Cllr McIntyre has broken the Liverpool City Council code of conduct, which states that councillors must “treat others with respect” and must not “discriminate against people on the grounds of disability” or “bully” or “intimidate”.”
Cllr McIntyre’s comment came after Phil posted a photograph of Jeremy Corbyn with a quote about how a Labour government would increase the minimum wage.

After being contacted by the Merseyside police hate crime coordinator Cllr McIntyre emailed a short ‘apology’ to Phil that was grossly insensitive and has resulted in putting Phil under further emotional and psychological stress. The message was posted for 12 days even though a following message, posted on the same day said “Clare your comment is offensive and discriminatory towards a disabled member of the party.”
Marie Harrison, MPA secretary said “Our public servants must be held up to scrutiny in exactly the same way we would hold other employees and citizens up to scrutiny for their conduct, especially when it involves questions of discrimination and abuse on the basis of race, gender, sexuality or disability.”

Following advice from his GP Phil has left the site where Cllr McIntyre posted her comment. Merseyside police have referred Phil to their victim support service and is now receiving counselling from the Anthony Walker Foundation.

The MPA has made a formal complaint to the Council and is seeking an urgent meeting with the Chief Monitoring Officer of Liverpool City Council and the Labour Chief Whip Cllr Alan Dean.


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