No dunce’s hat is big enough for ‘Labour’ negotiators

With John Tully

‘I negotiated the deal only the fat cats want’

Unite, the GMB and the PCS organised the rally attended by hundreds of workers in Williamson Square Liverpool to show their determination to continue to fight for decent wages for bus drivers, for safety on our trains, and to retain our job centres

RMT Regional Secretary John Tully berated Labour-backed Merseytravel for placing profit before safety. John’s speech brilliantly exposed the farce of a Tory government privatising Rail which is then nationalised by a foreign government who use the profits they make to subsidise the rail fares of their own people, and whose loss of income resulting from industrial action is bank-rolled by the local tax-payers.

There isn’t a dunce’s hat big enough for the genius who negotiated that deal.  As Merseytravel’s board has been controlled by people wearing the ‘Labour’ brand for years the identity of the negotiator should be revealed to an interested public.

John gave more examples of guards intervening in situations where first-aid was essential and protecting passengers from a knife-point incident. He told the rally that the determination of his members to continue the fight was undiminished. He finished by demanding to know why ‘Labour’ Mayors Rotheram and Anderson are on the bosses’ side and not the workers. A question which is resonating more widely as the dispute continues.

Unite and PCS speakers were equally determined to secure their just claims. Martin Cavanagh of the PCS EC pledged to intensify their campaign to defend services under threat and to support those taking strike action to defend the public.

John Tully reported he had heard no constructive proposals from Merseytravel and their fight for safety will continue unabated.

It’s time for Jeremy Corbyn to intervene and remind these Labour Mayors that it is Labour’s policy to oppose driver only trains and that their first responsibility is to support workers in struggle in defence of this important principle.


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