The cough drop kid strikes again

When I signal, pass me a cough drop and I’ll crack a gag

Hammond apes the antics of Bob Hope in an old movie called The Lemon Drop Kid in which Hope would put a lemon drop in ear which would attract race horses at the track who would nibble his ear.

He would kid his gullible audience that the horse was whispering him a tip, at which he would gather up their money on this ‘sure thing’ and then disappear with the loot.

Hammond and May seem to have adopted the same con trick with their cough lozenges.

They distract the audience while slippery Phil pulls his con. The difference between him and Hope is that he fools nobody.

Even former Conservative health secretary Stephen Dorrell, who is now the chair of the membership body for health service care providers (talk about putting Billy Bunter in charge of the tuck shop!) observed ‘It is extremely important that the two words “social care” didn’t pass the chancellor’s lips on budget day.’ It is clear that the Tories quaver at Hammond’s gaffes and utterances.

In any case the tax dodgers who bankroll the Tory Party can rest easy as long as Phil and Teresa stay in charge.

Universal Credit is still in place. Decent affordable housing won’t be available. The tops of HMRC advise the fat cats how to dodge their tax responsibilities. Public sector pay is still capped. What’s not to be content with?

They’d better make the best of it. A Corbyn-led government is waiting in the wings. With an almighty shove  organised Labour can and should organise to turf them into the dustbin of history.


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