The myopic thoughts of Philip Hammond


Philip Hammond’s demeanor as he intones on jobs, the NHS and unemployment reveal a man who lives not only in a bubble, but a bubble of such impenetrable density that it protects him from the reality of life outside that of the mega rich.

His pearls include ‘The economy is healing’, ‘There is no unemployment’, ‘There are no low paid jobs’

Not to mention the catastrophe of Universal Credit affecting the lives of thousands, he is unaware of the plight of the 1.5 million people unemployed, and at least a million people on zero-hours contracts.

He regurgitates the Tory claim about more people being employed than ever before. An estimated 3 million of these are in the gig economy without a future or basic security to plan a decent life.

Hammond says the budget would be ‘balanced’. That word used to imply fairness. In Hammond’s world it means balancing income in favour of the mega rich.

The chilling thing about him is that he really believes the claptrap he utters.

Like Colonel Dax in WWI film Paths of Glory who asks the corrupt French general who tries to justify the execution of three innocent foot soldiers sacrificed to protect a crazed commander from the failure of a suicide mission: ‘Excuse me sir, but do you really believe a single word of what you have just said.’

The French general didn’t, but Hammond does. That’s why any appeal to reason is wasted. What is required is a mass campaign to force a general election and rid the country of this government of the oligarchs.


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