Rail dispute: Mayors’ break cover – call for ‘mutually acceptable solution’. RMT suggested the solution months ago.


In a master-class of fence sitting Mayors Anderson and Rotheram have issued a joint statement calling for both parties – the RMT and Merseyrail – to work out a ‘mutually acceptable solution’.  The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – an anti-austerity, pro-Corbyn coalition – along with the 90% of the public who support the RMT, recognise this sentiment as representing  a great leap forward on Mayor Rotheram’s part as his hitherto silence on the matter had raised questions about his understanding of what was at stake, and Mayor Anderson’s open hostility to the Union’s stance.

TUSC believes that the RMT’s call to maintain safety on trains is a paramount condition of any settlement, and referring the matter to ACAS will not alter that.

TUSC will continue to support the RMT in its great campaign of meetings and industrial action. They have won the argument among the public hands down. It’s up to Merseyrail to recognise the validity of the RMT’s case and settle now.

Roger Bannister, TUSC candidate for city region mayor in May, said: “During the city regional Mayor election I was the only candidate who consistently supported the guards and opposed the introduction of Driver Only Trains. I urged Steve Rotheram to join me in that stance but received only silence. Now Steve has found his voice, he should come out clearly and instruct the Labour councillors on the Transport Committee to vote to keep the guards.”

It is incredible that Labour councillors have to be reminded that their responsibility is not to represent the few, but to represent the many. That is the reason for the Labour Party’s existence. Also that it is official Labour Party policy to support the RMT’s campaign.

The public and the RMT have spoken: put safety before profit by retaining the guards.

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