Support grows for the Garston 3

The Prole Star says ‘The anonymity of their original accusers, the complete absence of due process, the sloppy responses of Labour’s disciplinary bureaucrats and the refusal of their own CLP chair and exec. to allow CLP members to debate an emergency motion (which demanded they be afforded due process) raises doubts about the motivations of all involved.’

‘Supporters of the Garston 3 have launched a petition demanding their immediate reinstatement, which has gathered more than 300 signatures in just a few days. They have also attracted vociferous support on social media, with calls for other CLPs to raise motions asking for their reinstatement.’

The 3 received notification of their expulsion 24 hours after they were fingered by a Progress stooly. Yet almost a fortnight after their appeal was lodged, there has been no response. When it comes to expulsions, the witch-hunters react with lightning speed. When it comes to hearing an appeal, they are suddenly paralyzed. I wonder how many new members have these people have recruited.

Sign the petition and support the 3 as symbols of LP democracy.


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