BBC reveals gigantic con against the working class

Jac Peretti

The BBC2 revelations by Jac Peretti in The Super rich and Us blew the lid of the gigantic con that has pauperised whole sections of working class society since the crash. A con started by Thatcher maintained by Blair and Brown, and ramped up by the Tories, with Cameron and May carrying on the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in modern history, with the Blairites applauding this grand theft. Remember Mandelson’s axiom: ‘I am relaxed about the filthy rich, as long as they pay their taxes,’ when he knew of course they were a class of tax dodging parasites. The UK has more billionaires per head of population than any other country on the planet, with London the honey pot for the drooling billionaires who pay £30000 for a gold facial.

One startling fact encapsulates this obscenity: an estimated £80billion has been robbed from the workers, the exact amount paid out in bankers’ bonuses since 2008.

Then there was the spectacle of Local Authorities, some Labour (yes Labour) flogging off publicly owned land to foreign billionaires who then build apartments for rents which are totally out of working class reach. This whole charade was justified by the phoney ‘trickle down’ theory. The dynamic of capitalism is to maximise profit where money gushes up, not down.

They got away with this because the working class has been effectively disenfranchised for the last 30 years, with the TUC too timid to step up, with Council leaders like Joe Anderson acquiescing in austerity and awarding Tory cheer leader, Michael Heseltine, the freedom of the city.

No wonder one ex-Tory minister is on record saying; ‘I can’t believe what we’re getting away with.’

The Tory onslaught goes on. Jeremy and TU leaders must organise seriously to rid us of this parasitic system. This means a massive anti-austerity campaign culminating with getting Corbyn into Downing Street.  If the Blairites jeopardise that objective, they must be cut loose by the Party membership.

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