More on the Garston 3. Progress Witchunt goes into overdrive


Labour Movement stalwarts: Bob, Tony and Jerry

At the Garston/Halewood CLP a motion requesting a fair hearing for the 3 was denied by the Momentum-supporting chair on the grounds that it was ‘inappropriate’. Strange, as the same chair accepted the proposal to turf Bob out of a meeting and exclude his two comrades when the matter wasn’t even on the agenda, nor were they given the right to defend themselves. Whatever happened to natural justice! It was introduced by a Progress member. Progress is the Tory Trojan horse in the Labour Party. It’s main objectives are to oppose Jeremy Corbyn, to restore Blairism, and compiling lists of people as targets for expulsion. This list doesn’t, of course, include MPs and Councillors who have threatened to stand against Labour if they are deselected, or sharing platforms with Liberals and Tories.

The witchunt has gone into overdrive. They are scouring the social media and accessing emails in the hope of digging up ‘evidence’ that the Garston 3 are mortal enemies of Labour. If these scoundrels had displayed the same energy as the Garston 3 in supporting JC at the last election, May would be out of office and Jeremy would be in Downing Street and, for a start, thousands would be immediately relieved of the horrors of Universal Credit.

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