Teresa May & the crazed wing of the Tory Party

Me and Mick Coyle at Radio City

Wednesday 25 October in the City Centre doing my regular stint at Radio City Talk giving my views on Prime Minister’s Question Time with City presenter grand inquisitor Mick Coyle.

Today’s joust between Corbyn and May saw JC landing lethal blow after lethal blow on lame duck PM May. Amongst other issues, she was on the ropes trying to defend Universal Credit which is visiting catastrophe on the poorest in our society, she responded with the mantra that ‘it is working’!

The Brexit debate was a bizarre one with JC exposing the gaping splits in the ranks of the government with Johnson, Davies, Hammond and May proclaiming different positions on the government’s negotiating objectives. Her only lame response was the mantra that they would secure what was ‘best for Britain.’

I told Mick that she meant what was most likely to pacify the crazed chauvinistic racist wing of the Tory party.

I told Mick in response to his question that I favoured withdrawal from the rich man’s club, but on an entirely different basis to the Tory/UKIP stance.

We need to replace the EU with a United Socialist States of Europe while extracting the best deal for UK workers from the current negotiations.

A striking feature of these post election PMQs is instead of a sullen silence greeting JC from his own back benches, that’s been replaced by a semblance of applause. It’s amazing how one general election result can concentrate the minds of right wingers who want to hang on to their Parliamentary careers.

I gave JC 9 out of 10 for his performance. With a big fat zero for Teresa May.

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