Support the Garston/Halewood 3



Stop these expulsions now!

The MPA deplores the fact that three disabled pensioners who have struggled to defend workers  for decades – Bob Walker, Tony Lucock, and Gerry Tyrell – have been summarily expelled from the Labour Party on the false and spurious grounds that they attended a TUSC meeting.

TUSC is an anti-austerity coalition which gave full support to Jeremy Corbyn in the last general election and is open to any one opposed to austerity to attend.

The three were expelled without any chance of answering the charges and were denied any facet of natural justice.

We note that it was a member of Progress who backed heavily defeated Blairite candidate Liz Kendall in the Labour leadership contest. who triggered the expulsion, the same Progress whose members freely associate with Tories and Liberals. Liz Kendall not only attended the Lib Dem conference last year, but went as an invited speaker. Frank Field called on Labour MPs to stand against Labour if they were deselected. Yet these people still remain members of the Labour Party.

By contrast Bob, Tony and Gerry deny that they are members of, or support, any party other than Labour and worked tirelessly in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour at the last general election.

We call for this decision to be rescinded immediately and that Bob, Tony and Gerry be reinstated so they can continue to fight for the election of a Labour government.

We call on Jeremy and John to put a stop to this madness.

Copies to be sent to Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell with the request that they immediately intervene to reverse this injustice.

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