MPs on a worker’s wage

Did Dennis Skinner lived on a worker’s wage? The only MPs I know who did precisely that were campaigning Militant-supporting MPs Terry Fields, Pat Wall (tragically both deceased) and Dave Nellist, all expelled under the Kinnock regime. Dave is the current national chairman of TUSC. Even if Kinnock had not expelled them it is unimaginable to think they would have remained MPs under the Blair/Mandelson cabal. How the Beast survived could be the subject of another discussion!

At the 1980 Labour Party conference Terry made this priceless statement: “We need coordinated action by the whole of our class to get the Tories out, and the democracy that is being pumped out in the capitalist press is their democracy, not ours. We will found a new democracy when we have created a socialist state in this country. … To the weak-hearted, the traitors and cowards I say: Get out of our movement. There is no place for you. Cross the House of Commons.” That call is attracting growing support among the new generation of Labour activists.

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