TUSC & Keir Starmer


Merseyside TUSC deplores the apparent U-turn on membership of the single market and the customs union advocated by Keir Starmer. The support of the establishment press of all persuasions, along with the pro-EU wing of the Tories and Blairite Labour politicians, shows who will benefit from and be satisfied with this proposed change in Labour’s policy.

Starmer’s EU stance will anger the millions of working class people who voted Leave. It risks undermining the hard-won support garnered for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour during the general election campaign by his pro-worker manifesto.

Starmer argues that the party won’t rule out remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union permanently – as long as a deal could be struck to opt out of the EU’s free movement rules. His message is that all that needs to be achieved through Brexit is lower immigration.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have argued in the past that from its inception the EU has aimed to drive through neoliberal, anti-working class measures in order to maximise the profits of the capitalist elite. That remains the position.

Merseyside TUSC believes that Jeremy Corbyn should publicly repudiate Starmer’s proposals, eject him from the shadow cabinet, reject any U-turn, and reassert the position of fighting for a workers’ brexit.