Blairite shocktroops hound Corbyn

                           John (ex)Spellar                         Frankie (hitman) Field

The Blairite shocktroops Frank Field and John Spellar (super scab Eric Hammond’s protégé) and a motley assortment of discredited zombies are storming the media to attack JC’s failure to condemn Maduro using a 3-year-old meeting with Chavez as ‘proof’ that he supports Maduro’s actions. (It’s a pity they don’t dislay such energy in fighting austerity and cuts!) They forget to mention the role of MUD, a coalition of right wing organisations, who are doing the bidding of Trump and the US state department. They are funding and organising fascist groups to add to the turmoil arising from the economic chaos. The Blairites, hysterically supported by the usual demons of the media, grotesquely proclaim that it is yet another failure of socialism. The opposite is true; the crisis arises from the FAILURE by Chavez and his successor to carry through a full-blooded socialist programme. To seek to accommodate the big corporations, as Maduro has done,  and to leave the banks and other key levers of power in the hands of the capitalists is to allow them the means and the time to organise against any ‘left’ government which threatens their interests.  The parallels with Chile and the military coup in 1973 are stark. JC and the Labour Movement need to draw the appropriate lessons.

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