May: masterpiece in double-speak

I was doing my periodic joust with Radio Citytalk’s Mick Coyle on PMQ’s last Wednesday. I noted that May was challenged on her decision to close numerous job centres which would aggravate the already desperate position of claimants relying on benefits to survive their ever brutal predicament. She answered that the job centres were closing in order to ‘enhance service’. As double-speak goes that’s got to be up there with IFS’s contention that the gap between rich and poor is closing. Incidentally it was reported that Twigg and Luciana Berger are supporting the PCS in their opposition to job centre closures. It’s a pity they didn’t support Jeremy Corbyn when the Tories were in disarray after the referendum instead of demanding his deselection. If they and the other 170 backstabbers had attacked the Tories instead of him a Corbyn-led government would have been elected and the attack of the Tories brought to a shuddering halt.

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