Support the RMT – Oppose cuts


Oppose Drive Only Trains and Tory/Council Cuts

Support the RMT’s call to lobby Merseytravel at Mann Island on Monday 17 July at 1pm

The general election result reflected a popular surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity alternative. It has sent out the clearest possible message that the British people have rejected the Tory programme of cuts, austerity, privatisation and division and there is no mandate for diluting safety on our transport services by imposing driver-only trains.

Local councils responsible for the Merseyrail and Northern Rail franchises should immediately push to lift the threat to guards on their trains and stand firm in the face of any opposition they may incur from the Department of Transport.

TUSC decided not to stand candidates in the general election and to campaign for a Jeremy Corbyn-led government, but the Blairites have not gone away. They are preparing to mount another attack on JC and his supporters; they are especially strong amongst Labour councillors who continue to implement cuts.

TUSC will campaign for the Tories to be forced out of government before the next set of local elections in May 2018, and for Labour councils to stop implementing cuts even if the Tories are clinging on. But in the event that Labour councillors continue to carry out May’s austerity policies, TUSC calls for them to be deselected and replaced by councillors who are prepared to fight Tory vandalisation of local services.

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