The Blairites regroup

The Blairite brigade are regrouping and refining their anti-Corbyn strategy which is based on the notion that ‘The result was achieved in spite of Jeremy not because of him.’ This is from losers who led Labour almost into oblivion. Owen Smith’s loose lips claimed that he may have won the election. Tom Watson, the man who attacked Corbyn and praised Blairism, is preaching caution over rule changes, particularly any that empower party members to select a candidate of their choice with mandatory re-selection. Stella Creasey and Maria Eagle pointedly refused to answer whether they supported the leader. The Mirror’s Kevin Maguire quotes approvingly Emily Thornberry saying that the star of the show was not Jeremy, whom she claims to love, but it was the manifesto that did it. As if a leader does not epitomise a manifesto. I doubt that the tens of thousands who joined Labour on the basis of JC’s anti-austerity, socialist message will be fooled by all of this. But it underlines the continuing threat to the movement towards internal democracy as long as the Party machine remains in the hands of the Blairites.

One thought on “The Blairites regroup

  1. Methinks these blinkered neoliberal dinosaurs should take a long long look at themselves and get back into the real world. They are the servants of the Labour voters and should behave as such. If they don’t like it, perhaps they should cross the floor to the party they so much admire .


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