Premier League’s ongoing rip off

Who benefits from the TV rights of £4.2bn – 71% over last time. Not the fans who pay the highest ticket prices in Europe. Not the future footballers whose development receives a paltry 3.5%. The top players and club owners gorge themselves on this vast wealth. Without democratic accountability the wealth always flows to the top. Time for the fans to claim the game.

Hammond’s babble

BBC Today interviewer didn’t lay a glove on professional obfuscater, millionaire Hammond. He claims public sector workers are overpaid and Jeremy Corbyn lied when he ‘promised to cancel student debt.’ The lies are becoming more desperate as the ground shifts beneath Tory feet.

George has got the trajectory right

“Neoliberalism’s triumph also reflects the failure of the left. When laissez-faire economics led to catastrophe in 1929, Keynes devised a comprehensive economic theory to replace it. When Keynesian demand management hit the buffers in the 70s, there was an alternative ready. But when neoliberalism fell apart in 2008 there was … nothing. This is why […]

via Quote of the day: George Monbiot — Beautiful Desolation

Driver Only Trains

Polls show almost 80% of the public want safety-trained guards on trains. Merseytravel should recognise that the RMT campaign has massive support. Steve Rotheram recognises this. Also it is Labour Party policy of which there is no doubt Steve will be aware when he meets the decision-makers at Merseytravel who should be reminded that their main responsibility is not to maximise profits but to provide safety for the travelling public.

May: masterpiece in double-speak

I was doing my periodic joust with Radio Citytalk’s Mick Coyle on PMQ’s last Wednesday. I noted that May was challenged on her decision to close numerous job centres which would aggravate the already desperate position of claimants relying on benefits to survive their ever brutal predicament. She answered that the job centres were closing in order to ‘enhance service’. As double-speak goes that’s got to be up there with IFS’s contention that the gap between rich and poor is closing. Incidentally it was reported that Twigg and Luciana Berger are supporting the PCS in their opposition to job centre closures. It’s a pity they didn’t support Jeremy Corbyn when the Tories were in disarray after the referendum instead of demanding his deselection. If they and the other 170 backstabbers had attacked the Tories instead of him a Corbyn-led government would have been elected and the attack of the Tories brought to a shuddering halt.