Blairites confirm their baleful role

Well done Jeremy Corbyn for standing up to the Blairite wreckers by removing 3 from the shadow cabinet after breaking the whip on the single market! Once again, they manoeuvre when the Tories are on the run – just like they did when they started the coup against JC the weekend after Cameron resigned.

The Blairites continue to reveal their true role even after JC’s great election result. They have not changed their spots. The membership will take note and act accordingly when empowered to trigger the re-selection process and replace them with true working class fighters.

Hammond: the Grim Reaper

Tories in turmoil

The Tories are in turmoil. May feels the wrath of those opposed to the wage cap on public sector workers while Philip Hammond is dedicated to restricting nurses’ pay to 1% while he finds £1billion to bribe the terrorist-linked DUP.  Hammond is himself a multi-millionaire and a dyed-in-the wool fat cat representative. This grotesque spectacle will result in Jeremy Corbyn attracting even greater support than that shown by the thousands at Glastonbury who chanted his name.

But let’s not be fooled by the about turn of his Blairite would-be assassins which included all Merseyside Labour MPs with the exception of Margaret Greenwood and Steve Rotheram. Their newly-found admiration is not motivated by principle or by a Damascene conversion but by the lure of office and future rewards in a possible Labour government. I’ve no doubt the Labour Party members will take note.

Grenfell: public enquiry?

Amid the righteous grief, anger and calls for criminal investigation Guardian writer Simon Jenkin, not usually a friend of Militant Liverpool, in a searing piece attacking the architects of the disaster, made this significant observation: ‘Besides, people are entitled to the city they want. When in the 1980s Liverpool’s Militant movement asked Everton’s inhabitants what should be done with their towers, the reply was pull them down and give us back the streets. It was done.’

Proof, if any further was needed, that a council that listens to communities and meets their aspirations usually clashes with vested interests who are interested only in the bottom line and how much profit they can deliver to their big shareholders. Hence the outpouring of abuse against that socialist council by the political representatives of corporate Britain.

The public enquiry proposed by Teresa May should be treated with utmost scepticism unless it includes tenants, trade unions and anti-cuts campaigners with the power to interview all those whose decisions determined safety factors, including any sub-contractors who, to escape their responsibilities, no longer trade. Anything less is unacceptable.

Grenfell Tower: a crime against humanity

The Mail and the rest of the right wing media who regularly dip their pens in mad dog saliva weep crocodile tears over the catastrophe of Grenfell Tower. They have consistently put maximisation of profit before safety. They have supported the big corporations campaign to water down health and safety legislation. The death and suffering of working class people is the monstrous result of their warped  values.

Fair weather friends?

The sound of the screeching tyres caused by the u-turns of JC’s would-be assassins is deafening. Their past treacherous behaviour is etched in the collective memory of the rank and file. Re-selection should be firmly on the agenda. The membership should be empowered to select the candidate of their choice.

Jeremy surges forward


JC’s vote, in the face of the vicious slanderous campaign by the capitalists and their agents in the PLP, has proved socialist ideas are popular. The best campaign since 1945 has triggered the consciousness of people who, for the last 30 years, were offered the crumbs from the fat cats’ table and were told ‘there is no alternative’ by the Tories and the Blairites. Congratulations to Margaret Greenwood for a stunning victory in Wirral West. The game has changed. The youth is surging towards the socialist alternative. Let’s prepare for the next stage: enjoy the result, watch developments, then prepare for another general election which will propel Jeremy into power.