Mayor Anderson’s agony

The intemperate language of Mayor Anderson in attacking Dan Cardin as PPC for Walton is to be deplored. Mr Cardin was selected in accordance with Labour Party procedure which, prior to the result, was not questioned by the Mayor.

To declare that Unite General Secretary is a bully and declaring he will not work with the candidate for whom he claims to have ‘nothing but contempt’ is not appropriate language from someone who fills the lofty position of Liverpool’s Mayor. His declaration that he wanted to be an MP to carry the fight to the Tories in Westminster is hardly consistent with granting the freedom of the city to Tory grandee Michael Heseltine who enthusiastically supports continuing austerity and anti-trade union laws. This is in addition to carrying out the most draconian cuts in Liverpool’s history without organising any serious opposition.

There is no doubt that had Mr Anderson been selected his praise for the selection process would have been fulsome in the extreme.

Hopefully Mr Anderson’s stance will reinvigorate the anti-austerity movement which is campaigning for a Corbyn victory while the mayor agonises over a thwarted Parliamentary ambition.



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