May’s phoney war!

In a desperate ploy to divert attention from her monstrous policies and consistent failure to answer a straight question, May has resorted to stoking the fires of jingoism by mounting a verbal attack on the Euro bureaucrats whom until recently she adored. Aping her batty idol Thatcher she substitutes Jean-Claude Juncker for Galtieri the Argentinean dictator of 1983, and makes the ludicrous assertion that after the general election ‘The overriding issue will be Brexit.’ The overriding issue is not the phoney blather about Brexit. In or out of the EU the fight to defend the working class from the excesses of capitalism is the overriding issue.

Jeremy is at his best when he goes for May’s jugular. Never mind the mantra ‘it’s fully costed’ used by failed past Labour leaders. We start from the premise ‘What does the working class need for a decent life’? The answer is the policies which propelled JC to the leadership. The money is there in the banks, off shore tax havens and unpaid taxes. A determined Corbyn-led government will get the resources. Let’s take a leaf from French campaigning activity: mass rallies all over the country to proclaim the demise of Toryism and the superiority of socialism. Then we can win.

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