Media distortion

Now and again a headline reveals the truth: ‘Shell boss’s pay package up 54% …’ This is why 6 oil bosses have contributed a third of a million to the Tory Party this year. Corbyn’s detractors can’t attack his policies so the Fat Cats’ Party and its media are ruthlessly try to link JC to terrorism to divert attention from their policy of pauperising large sections of the working class while rewarding those who wrecked the economy. The electorate will see through this sham and ditch Billionaires’ Party on June 8.

Who is Charles Clarke?

BBC ‘flagship’ programme Newsnight revealed its anti-Corbyn desperation by giving free marketeer and Iraq-war defender ex-Blairite Home Secretary Charles Clarke a platform to attack Jeremy Corbyn over his so-called ‘politicising’ of the Manchester catastrophe. How they tracked Clarke down remains a mystery as he is the invisible man of British politics, but the use of the tax-payers resources is unlimited when it comes to attacking JC. This is precisely the time when serious analysis is required to identify the why and the how such a dehumanised monster has been resoureced and trained to inflict such horror on the innocents. Naturally, Blairite Labour MPs, Farron and the Tories have joined in the condemnation of JC. They fear their role in reckless Middle East interventions and their protection of the brutal regime of Saudi Arabia which nurtures terrorism will be exposed. They will become more desperate as the polls show the gap narrowing between Jeremy and May.

Dave Nellist supports Corbyn

DAVE NELLIST, ex-Labour Party (and Militant) MP and National Chair of TUSC to speak in Liverpool

‘Corbyn Can Win on Socialist Policies’

Dave Nellist, ex-Labour Party (Militant) MP, ex-Socialist councillor in Coventry, and National Chair of TUSC will address a Public Meeting on Tuesday 23 May 2017 at 7.30pm in the Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool. Dave is an inspirational speaker, with a wealth of industrial and political experience. Please attend and bring friends, workmates, family, union branch contacts. Participate in discussing a socialist strategy which will propel Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street.

Mayor Anderson’s agony

The intemperate language of Mayor Anderson in attacking Dan Cardin as PPC for Walton is to be deplored. Mr Cardin was selected in accordance with Labour Party procedure which, prior to the result, was not questioned by the Mayor.

To declare that Unite General Secretary is a bully and declaring he will not work with the candidate for whom he claims to have ‘nothing but contempt’ is not appropriate language from someone who fills the lofty position of Liverpool’s Mayor. His declaration that he wanted to be an MP to carry the fight to the Tories in Westminster is hardly consistent with granting the freedom of the city to Tory grandee Michael Heseltine who enthusiastically supports continuing austerity and anti-trade union laws. This is in addition to carrying out the most draconian cuts in Liverpool’s history without organising any serious opposition.

There is no doubt that had Mr Anderson been selected his praise for the selection process would have been fulsome in the extreme.

Hopefully Mr Anderson’s stance will reinvigorate the anti-austerity movement which is campaigning for a Corbyn victory while the mayor agonises over a thwarted Parliamentary ambition.



Energy rip-off

Tory double shuffle on energy rip-off

Labour spokespersons should stop engaging in semantics with the Tories’ claim that their proposal is different to Ed Miliband’s pledge to cap energy prices. There is one way to end the obscene spectacle of not only foreign governments owning companies previously nationalised and using the profits they rip off to subsidise prices in their own countries, but also the never-ending escalation of prices and company profits for which they blame the consumers for not ‘shopping around.’ This is an open goal for Jeremy Corbyn to declare that the next Labour government will take back into public ownership the Energy industry. Poll after poll indicates that around 70% support this course of action.

Corbyn’s fighting stance


This is the spirit that will defeat the Tories, the political wing of the hedge fund managers:

“Don’t wake on up on 9 June to see celebrations from the tax cheats, the press barons, the greedy bankers, Philip Green, the Southern Rail directors and crooked financiers that take our wealth, who have got away with it because the party they own, the Conservative party, has won.” Jeremy Corbyn – when launching his manifesto. Right wing Labour MPs who continue to snipe at Corbyn should be given notice: support JC’s fighting stance or get out now.

May’s phoney war!

In a desperate ploy to divert attention from her monstrous policies and consistent failure to answer a straight question, May has resorted to stoking the fires of jingoism by mounting a verbal attack on the Euro bureaucrats whom until recently she adored. Aping her batty idol Thatcher she substitutes Jean-Claude Juncker for Galtieri the Argentinean dictator of 1983, and makes the ludicrous assertion that after the general election ‘The overriding issue will be Brexit.’ The overriding issue is not the phoney blather about Brexit. In or out of the EU the fight to defend the working class from the excesses of capitalism is the overriding issue.

Jeremy is at his best when he goes for May’s jugular. Never mind the mantra ‘it’s fully costed’ used by failed past Labour leaders. We start from the premise ‘What does the working class need for a decent life’? The answer is the policies which propelled JC to the leadership. The money is there in the banks, off shore tax havens and unpaid taxes. A determined Corbyn-led government will get the resources. Let’s take a leaf from French campaigning activity: mass rallies all over the country to proclaim the demise of Toryism and the superiority of socialism. Then we can win.