On 24 April the biggest political trial in Ireland for a generation will begin. Seven people stand accused of ‘false imprisonment’ of then Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton during an anti-water charges sit-down protest and slow march in Jobstown, Dublin, in 2014. A 17 year old has already been found guilty of this charge in children’s court. A guilty verdict would hold a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The very right to protest is at stake. This monstrous political frame-up has been initiated by the most right wing extremists of Ireland’s capitalist class who want to crush any opposition to its Thatcherite policies and to intimidate working class people from exercising their right to protest in the future. The main target is Paul Murphy, Socialist member of the Dublin parliament, who has courageously and consistently fought the right wing’s austerity policies in the Parliament and on the streets. The whole Labour Movement must rally in their defence.

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