JC’s campaign – clarity needed


Jeremy’s speeches are inspiring so far. But others on his team need to sharpen up their act. On the BBC Today programme Emily Thornberry was grilled by grand inquisitor John Humphreys who tried to get a straight answer on Labour’s policies. When Humphreys said: ‘Let me help you out…are you in favour of public ownership of rail?’ Emily nearly choked, hesitated then murmured ‘Wait for the manifesto.’

On BBC Newsnight,  Andrew Glynn, Jeremy’s campaign co-ordinator, was asked by another grand inquisitor Emily Maitlis ‘who is the establishment’? Andrew could have given a simple answer by referring to the bankers, the hedge fund managers and the list of fat cats who bankroll the Tory Party.  Instead he came across as waffling. He was then asked ‘Will a Corbyn government end austerity?’ ‘Yes’ is the only answer to that, instead Andrew dissembled, and ended up saying ‘wait for the manifesto.’ The unconvinced watching and listening would not have been impressed by the avoidance of straight questions. We know the Woodcocks and the Dromeys will stab JC in the back, but his team should be bold and decisive. Jeremy should have a word with them. He is making it clear where he stands, his team should do the same. The millions out there are desperate for an alternative to endless Tory austerity. Every opportunity should be taken NOW to tell them what a Corbyn government will deliver.

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