Merseyrail scupper talks on guards

Roger Bannister condemns the collapse of Merseyrail guards talks

TALKS AIMED at ending the Merseyrail guards’ dispute collapsed today when the company flatly refused to discuss the RMT’s compromise solution to the issue of Driver Only Trains. Roger condemns Labour councillors for their complicity in the cavalier attitude of the company. He is also appalled by Steve Rotheham’s failure to intervene to support the RMT in their objective of ensuring the safety of the travelling public. This can only be seen as a clear sign that he will preside over guards being withdrawn. Roger calls for continuing support for the Rail Union’s determination to protect all passengers.


Roger Bannister can be contacted for comment on 07954 376 096 or by email:


Roger will be addressing a pre-election public meeting to be held on Tuesday 2 May 2017 at 7.30.

The venue is the Liverpool Pub James Street L27NS




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Tony Blair: a gameshow con artist

Balir’s biographer Tom Bower starts from the assumption that ‘Blair was nothing more than a gameshow con artist.’ But Blair doesn’t play it for laughs; he loves dictators, anti-trade union laws, starting wars, and then picking up a fortune from the consequences of the chaos he creates. The ruling class keep this bloke on the back-burner to be wheeled out from time to time and given mass coverage to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. 70% of the public believe he should be on trial for war crimes. Incredibly this Labour traitor is still a member of the Labour Party. Why aren’t the 170 back stabbers and Tom Watson demanding his expulsion?


On 24 April the biggest political trial in Ireland for a generation will begin. Seven people stand accused of ‘false imprisonment’ of then Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton during an anti-water charges sit-down protest and slow march in Jobstown, Dublin, in 2014. A 17 year old has already been found guilty of this charge in children’s court. A guilty verdict would hold a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The very right to protest is at stake. This monstrous political frame-up has been initiated by the most right wing extremists of Ireland’s capitalist class who want to crush any opposition to its Thatcherite policies and to intimidate working class people from exercising their right to protest in the future. The main target is Paul Murphy, Socialist member of the Dublin parliament, who has courageously and consistently fought the right wing’s austerity policies in the Parliament and on the streets. The whole Labour Movement must rally in their defence.

JC’s campaign – clarity needed


Jeremy’s speeches are inspiring so far. But others on his team need to sharpen up their act. On the BBC Today programme Emily Thornberry was grilled by grand inquisitor John Humphreys who tried to get a straight answer on Labour’s policies. When Humphreys said: ‘Let me help you out…are you in favour of public ownership of rail?’ Emily nearly choked, hesitated then murmured ‘Wait for the manifesto.’

On BBC Newsnight,  Andrew Glynn, Jeremy’s campaign co-ordinator, was asked by another grand inquisitor Emily Maitlis ‘who is the establishment’? Andrew could have given a simple answer by referring to the bankers, the hedge fund managers and the list of fat cats who bankroll the Tory Party.  Instead he came across as waffling. He was then asked ‘Will a Corbyn government end austerity?’ ‘Yes’ is the only answer to that, instead Andrew dissembled, and ended up saying ‘wait for the manifesto.’ The unconvinced watching and listening would not have been impressed by the avoidance of straight questions. We know the Woodcocks and the Dromeys will stab JC in the back, but his team should be bold and decisive. Jeremy should have a word with them. He is making it clear where he stands, his team should do the same. The millions out there are desperate for an alternative to endless Tory austerity. Every opportunity should be taken NOW to tell them what a Corbyn government will deliver.

When friends fall out!

I’m curious about the cause of the blood-letting between Liverpool Labour councillors and Metro Mayor candidate Steve Rotheram as they both embrace the insane strategy of carrying through Tory cuts as the best way of defending the city. Why then are Labour Councillors refusing to distribute election literature for Labour’s Metro Mayor candidate?

It appears that Rotheram’s reference to the damage wreaked on Liverpool by Thatcher has triggered unease among Labour councillors on the grounds it will remind people of the campaign to defend the city spearheaded by the socialist council in the 1980s.  Councillor Steve Mumby is quoted as bleating that he ‘can’t think of anything more damaging than to put out a leaflet evoking the 80s which will remind people of Militant.’ His anxiety is justified. The more the younger generation learn about the magnificent campaign of resistance to Thatcher spearheaded by the 47 the more they will question the role of Labour Councillors and MPs who meekly accept Tory cuts without any semblance of a fight-back.

This follows on from an incident in the local Garston and Halewood Labour Party, when a resolution supporting the RMT’s campaign against driver only trains was ruled out of order on the grounds that it would embarrass Rotheram.  This is another reason for supporting TUSC’s Roger Bannister, the only anti-austerity pro-RMT Metro Mayor candidate.

Seniors fight the NHS rip off


NHS Protest ‘In The Spirit Of The Suffragettes’

Keep our NHS Public!

On Tuesday April 11 The Merseyside Pensioners Association (MPA) will be leading a chorus of protest in the spirit of the suffragettes before the meeting of the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The MPA is calling on all Merseysiders who are alarmed at continuing cuts in NHS services to join them in the protest. Please assemble with your banners and posters outside the Lewis’s building, Renshaw Street at 1.30pm.

Chair of the MPA Julie Lyon-Taylor said “Liverpool NHS bosses have given themselves a 50% pay increase as a reward for running down our precious NHS meanwhile pensioners are blamed for using too many beds. The reality is that social care has been slashed by the government and many pensioners can’t be sent home because there is no care for them in the community. Everyone is suffering because of privatisation and budget cuts”. She added: “The CCG are a law unto themselves. It is clear in Liverpool they can do as they please and believe they do not answer to anyone. We are determined to raise the issue of the salary increases at the meeting”.

Pensioners decided to protest following the outrageous revelation that the CCG chairman Nadim Fazlani got a £50,000 rise. Most of the pay rises relate to the 2014-15 financial year when the chair’s salary rose from approximately £105,000 to £155,000. Deputy CCG chairman Prof Maureen Williams saw an increase of at least a third, from £70,000-£75,000 to £100,000 while the chief officer and chief finance officer both received rises of about 15%. After six years of pay restraint and a 14% real-terms loss of income NHS workers were recently given a derisory 1% pay increase. This amounts to less than £5 a week for most midwives, nurses, cleaners paramedics, radiographers and other healthcare staff.

For further information contact media officers:

Tony Mulhearn 07939098455 or Phil Maxwell 07884492875

Aslef members reject Southern Rail deal

Roger Bannister congratulates the ASLEF drivers who have again defied their leadership and have rejected the proposed driver only deal on Southern Rail! The fight goes on against the money-grubbing private owners of our Railways who put profit before passenger safety. Roger will be on the RMT picket line at his local Kirkdale station on Grand National Day opposing driver only trains. He invites the other metro mayor candidates who claim to defend public services to join him.