Corbyn to blame? Owen Jones says yes

The striking feature of Owen Jones’s stance in the Guardian is a total absence of criticism of the 172 Tory infiltrators who continue to stab JC in the back. They, not Corbyn, are causing the perceived chaos. Jones has opposed re-selection of this Tory fifth column whose political inspiration Peter Mandelson, days before Copeland, vomited the words “I work every single day to oust Corbyn.” This bloke had to resign twice from the cabinet in disgrace and has violated every socialist principle of solidarity with workers. Incredibly he still a member of the Labour Party while other genuine socialists have been either denied membership or been suspended for daring to challenge their MP. But having correct policies doesn’t automatically translate into electoral support. The mass of workers want to see a united Workers’ Party based on radical policies which correspond to their aspirations. But as long as the fifth column sits behind Corbyn such a united party cannot exist. Jeremy has got to stop pussy-footing around. His team should immediately empower the membership to begin the process of replacing the Blairites with candidates who are going to fight for the policies which propelled Corbyn to the leadership.

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