Bannister to fight Metro Mayor election

The Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition is delighted to announce that ROGER BANNISTER has been selected as candidate for the Liverpool City Regional Mayoral election which is taking place on 4th May 2017.

Roger stood for Liverpool city mayor last year and won 4950 votes, beating the Tories and far-right candidates.

Roger says:

I am about opposing austerity, defending the guards on the Merseyrail trains and keeping Liverpool Women’s Hospital open. The City Region Mayor should be standing up for the people of the region who deserve investment into public services and a better future, not endless austerity.

Labour is pushing through the ‘driver only operation’ on Merseyrail to the point where rail-workers feel no alternative but to strike on the 8thApril. Labour is wobbling over hospital closures but united on making more cuts to council-run services. TUSC and I have no such doubts: we support the rail guards, we defend our hospitals, we keep our council services.

Our message is clear: no more austerity, no more cutbacks, closures and job losses. We need to stand up to the Tories and their super-rich mates, who are responsible for the economic savagery unleashed on the living standards of the many across the city region.

Roger can be contacted for comment on 07954 376 096

Letter to Liverpool Echo


Liverpool Councillor Walker reveals a profound misunderstanding of the English language when he describes the 47’s defence of the city from the ravages of Thatcher in the 1980s as a ‘spectacular failure’ (Echo 13.3.2017). He uses the only weapon of the now-discredited ‘redundancy notice’ distortion, so beloved of Lord Kinnock and his coterie of right wingers, in a feeble attempt to justify his claim. He seems blind to the £330m slashed from social provision and the further £90m of cuts he and his ‘Labour’, yes ‘Labour’, colleagues voted for in the last budget.

He fails to mention in his myopic re-writing of history that the 47 never made a single worker redundant. When we were removed from office, not via the ballot box but by Thatcher’s district auditor, 30000 worked for the council. That number is now less than 6000. In contrast to our record of building 5000 affordable council houses his council have built zero. In contrast to his supine collaboration with the Tories in, for instance, slashing thousands of care packages for the elderly and admitting that services will virtually disappear from the city, we mounted a campaign of opposition to Thatcher and succeeded in winning resources worth £60m to the city. Far from it being the spectacular failure claimed by Mr Walker our campaign, by any measure, was a spectacular success.



Corbyn to blame? Owen Jones says yes

The striking feature of Owen Jones’s stance in the Guardian is a total absence of criticism of the 172 Tory infiltrators who continue to stab JC in the back. They, not Corbyn, are causing the perceived chaos. Jones has opposed re-selection of this Tory fifth column whose political inspiration Peter Mandelson, days before Copeland, vomited the words “I work every single day to oust Corbyn.” This bloke had to resign twice from the cabinet in disgrace and has violated every socialist principle of solidarity with workers. Incredibly he still a member of the Labour Party while other genuine socialists have been either denied membership or been suspended for daring to challenge their MP. But having correct policies doesn’t automatically translate into electoral support. The mass of workers want to see a united Workers’ Party based on radical policies which correspond to their aspirations. But as long as the fifth column sits behind Corbyn such a united party cannot exist. Jeremy has got to stop pussy-footing around. His team should immediately empower the membership to begin the process of replacing the Blairites with candidates who are going to fight for the policies which propelled Corbyn to the leadership.