Letter to the Guardian


John Harris is mired in a bog of parliamentary cretinism when he levels his shafts of poison at Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on Brexit (Guardian 10/2/17). He decries ‘the awfulness of the party’s current position has been revealed in full’ by what he reads on Twitter. Trumpism appears to be contagious.

He echoes the view that Jeremy will have to consider his position given the apparent chaos in the PLP.

If Corbyn retreats in the face of the jeremiads’ prediction of a Brexit Armageddon and advocated, for instance, another referendum with the hope that the vote would be reversed, critics like John Harris and his twitteratti would be on him like a pack of wolves for ‘ignoring the will of the British people’.

With Corbyn’s critics, they ignore his mass base, and perceive the dischord in the Labour Party through the prism of the Parliamentary Labour Party. As long as the 172 declared enemies of Corbynism remain in position that dischord will continue. They create the chaos and then blame Corbyn for the electoral consequences of that chaos.

Jeremy must realise that all attempts to mollify the Blairites will not succeed. They, and their allies in the media, will not rest until Corbyn and the forces he represents are crushed and remembered as an unfortunate aberration. That’s why an immediate campaign for re-selection must be back on Corbyn’s agenda.


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