Letter to media: Len McCluskey

Support Len McCluskey

It’s official! The establishment, including the Murdoch press and Corbyn-hating Blairite right wing Labour MPs support Gerard Coyne and oppose Len McCluskey in the current contest for general secretary of Unite the Union. As the old saying has it: ‘Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are’.

The hostility to Len by these forces, apart from his fighting stance in defending his members, is prompted by his support for Jeremy Corbyn. They recognise that if McCluskey is replaced Unite would be less combative and the anti-austerity pro-Corbyn movement would be undermined. Other ‘lefts’ who intend to stand against Len and split the vote should take note of this. Despite the historically low number of strikes the Tories want even tamer trade unions, shown by some hysterical demands to outlaw strike action on the railways.

The McCluskey leadership of Unite has long been a thorn in their side, and we can expect a barrage of poison as the campaign gets under way. As a life-long member of the union I believe that every Unite member must firmly back his campaign for re-election.

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