Women against Trump

The thousands in Liverpool and the millions internationally who demonstrated against arch-capitalist Trump and all his reactionary works, deserve the support and congratulations of all. In opposing Trump they expressed their desire for a better society rid of prejudice and hate. This noble objective inspired the women who blazed this trail of opposition to the most appalling figure ever to occupy the White House. The leaders of the Trade Union and Labour Movement should take a leaf out of their book and start organising seriously now against a Tory government which uses similar racist sentiments to blame immigration for pressure on public services in order to divert blame from the real cause which is their programme of savage cuts.

Letter to media: Len McCluskey

Support Len McCluskey

It’s official! The establishment, including the Murdoch press and Corbyn-hating Blairite right wing Labour MPs support Gerard Coyne and oppose Len McCluskey in the current contest for general secretary of Unite the Union. As the old saying has it: ‘Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are’.

The hostility to Len by these forces, apart from his fighting stance in defending his members, is prompted by his support for Jeremy Corbyn. They recognise that if McCluskey is replaced Unite would be less combative and the anti-austerity pro-Corbyn movement would be undermined. Other ‘lefts’ who intend to stand against Len and split the vote should take note of this. Despite the historically low number of strikes the Tories want even tamer trade unions, shown by some hysterical demands to outlaw strike action on the railways.

The McCluskey leadership of Unite has long been a thorn in their side, and we can expect a barrage of poison as the campaign gets under way. As a life-long member of the union I believe that every Unite member must firmly back his campaign for re-election.

Defend the Liverpool Women’s Hospital



The Women’s Hospital remains under serious threat. The assurances given by Mayor Anderson at a previous meeting that the Women’s would be protected need to be reaffirmed. The privateers and Tory agents in the NHS continue to sharpen their knives and spread confusion.

TUSC supports the call for a mass presence at the lobby of the extraordinary City Council Health and Wellbeing Committee meeting tomorrow Tuesday 10 January in Cunard Building. Now the proposals have been announced the fight really begins. Please assemble from 4.30pm onwards. A strong lobby, supported by your placards and banners will underline the magnificent support which exists for the present Women’s Hospital.

Roger Bannister, TUSC candidate for Liverpool mayor in May 2016, says ‘It is clear that, at this critical juncture, the Campaign to save the Women’s needs maximum support, and this I unequivocally pledge.’




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