Letter to the media: Social care crisis

Yet another investigation in addition to at least ten similar reports this year confirms that which everybody with a smidgeon of awareness knows – that social care is heading for the melt-down inherent in the policy of a government who seized on the banker-induced economic crash of 2008 as an excuse to slash expenditure on social provision.

Liverpool city council have butchered social care by complying with Tory cuts, and a further cut of £90million is promised which in the words of Mayor Anderson could see Liverpool council unable to provide even statutory provision for deprived children and the elderly.

Teresa May attempts to disguise the brutal agenda of her government by feigning sympathy with ‘ordinary working-class families that had made the biggest sacrifices’ since the financial crash. The following week Hammond promised everlasting cuts.

The proposal to ‘allow’ councils to increase rates to make up the shortfall is a grotesque joke. What about collecting the taxes being dodged on an industrial scale by those who bankroll the Tories, and increasing the taxes of the top 1%. The immediate cancellation of PFI payments and removing profit-seeking predators would yield millions for the NHS and social care.

These measures could be given teeth by 6,500 Labour councillors refusing to carry out any further Tory cuts and for local government union leaders to organise national action in defence of those in society who are least able to defend themselves.

The time for handwringing and endless chatter is over, now is the time for action.



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