RMT sold out by Merseytravel



TUSC condemns the decision of Merseytravel in deciding to accept Driver Only Operation on future rolling stock. We deplore the fact that Labour, yes Labour, councillors with the support of Mayor Anderson have embraced this Tory agenda of placing profit before passenger safety.

TUSC fully supports RMT General Secretary Mick Cash who said: ‘Merseytravel has today decided that it can’t afford to run safe trains with guards, so it intends to run unsafe ones. RMT has made it clear that we will do whatever is necessary to defend the safety of our members and the travelling public. If Scotrail can introduce new trains and retain guards, then so can Merseyrail’.

Roger Bannister, TUSC candidate for Liverpool mayor in May 2016, declared his full support for the RMT and stated: ‘I am still pressing for a meeting with Labour’s metro mayoral candidate Steve Rotheram to seek his support in fighting this infamous decision, and I continue to be concerned by his silence on this vital issue’.



Letter to the media: Social care crisis

Yet another investigation in addition to at least ten similar reports this year confirms that which everybody with a smidgeon of awareness knows – that social care is heading for the melt-down inherent in the policy of a government who seized on the banker-induced economic crash of 2008 as an excuse to slash expenditure on social provision.

Liverpool city council have butchered social care by complying with Tory cuts, and a further cut of £90million is promised which in the words of Mayor Anderson could see Liverpool council unable to provide even statutory provision for deprived children and the elderly.

Teresa May attempts to disguise the brutal agenda of her government by feigning sympathy with ‘ordinary working-class families that had made the biggest sacrifices’ since the financial crash. The following week Hammond promised everlasting cuts.

The proposal to ‘allow’ councils to increase rates to make up the shortfall is a grotesque joke. What about collecting the taxes being dodged on an industrial scale by those who bankroll the Tories, and increasing the taxes of the top 1%. The immediate cancellation of PFI payments and removing profit-seeking predators would yield millions for the NHS and social care.

These measures could be given teeth by 6,500 Labour councillors refusing to carry out any further Tory cuts and for local government union leaders to organise national action in defence of those in society who are least able to defend themselves.

The time for handwringing and endless chatter is over, now is the time for action.



Support Glasgow Unison workers

Sent to ‘Labour’ councillors, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell

I am writing to protest at the news that Glasgow’s Labour Council is attempting to recruit a ‘scab’ workforce in order to attempt to break the legal industrial action of Unison members in the ICT service fighting against privatisation.

I find it incredible and outrageous not only is a Labour council privatising a key council service but is also resorting to these worst Tory methods to attack the workforce and drive this privatisation through rather than engage properly with the Unison branch to resolve the dispute.

In solidarity with the Unison workers
Tony Mulhearn

A boost for the campaign to save the NHS



A boost for the campaign to save the NHS

TUSC recognises that organisations campaigning against attacks on the NHS can celebrate an important success in preventing almost £1billion of cuts to the NHS on Merseyside under the grotesque Tory misnomer of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).

Several hundred NHS supporters lobbied the Health and Wellbeing Board on Thursday 1 December at which Chairman Joe Anderson declared the Liverpool City Council’s total opposition to this plan of the Tories to dismantle the NHS in the region and to hand out more contracts to their friends in the private sector.

Mayor Anderson was also asked to give a commitment to oppose the closure of the Women’s Hospital which he did.

There was also a call for the Mayor to organise a national assembly of councils to collectively oppose the latest Tory plans to wreck the NHS.

This decision represents a step forward by the campaigns to Keep Our NHS Public and to oppose the closure of the Women’s Hospital.

But everybody campaigning against the Tories are fully aware that this fat cats’ government will press on with their attacks on the NHS and on the poor and needy.

That’s why TUSC supports the Liverpool TUC in calling on all organisations defending the NHS and opposing Austerity to come together to discuss the next stage of the struggle.