Deggsie and the state of Labour

Letter to the Liverpool Echo

Your columnist my old mate Derek Hatton suggests that a split in the Labour Party won’t happen (26.9.2016).Why not?

The right wing apparatus still control the party machine and 170 Blairite MPs are not about to swallow a radical anti-austerity programme. Derek will recall the words of a great socialist: ‘No ruling group has left the scene of history without a struggle and that means a struggle with no holds barred,’ particularly if they fear the party membership will move to deselect them.

Derek argues it would be futile for Labour councillors to vote against cuts. The same message was hurled at the 1983-87 council.

I was part of a delegation who met Kinnock in 1985. A member of the delegation said ‘With your support Liverpool can act as a beacon to all the other Labour councils looking for a lead to fight Thatcher’s cuts.’ Kinnock rejected our appeal.

Those words came from Derek. He was right then. He is wrong now.

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