Assault on democracy

The report into Wallasey CLP is a master class of distortion and weighted naturally in support of the Blairite wing of the Party, who are protected by its continued suspension with any selection process to be implemented by regional mini-McNicholls.

The report rebukes the members with ‘It appears that meetings in Wallasey have been increasingly adversarial and challenging for some time.’  Any party worth its salt is precisely adversarial and challenging, that is how policy is thrashed out. It is not in dispute that ‘bullying’ is unacceptable, but if challenging MPs or councillors is bullying then the bullying of Jeremy Corbyn by the 170 Blairite MPs suggests the PLP should have been suspended long ago.

Horror of horrors, some members are ‘accused’ of demanding that Labour (yes Labour) councillors should refuse to carry out cuts. As that is the policy of the TUC, Unite the union, the RMT, the FBU, the POA and many others, should the whole Labour movement be suspended?

In 1985 a similar report was published by Kinnock’s witch-hunt committee into the Liverpool District Labour Party, it was challenged in court and the judge threw it out on the grounds that it was based on tittle-tattle, gossip and innuendo and therefore totally unreliable as evidence.

Unlike then, the tide of history is flowing AGAINST the Blairites. A mass response of all those committed to anti-austerity and internal democracy is now essential to force this discredited right-wing bureaucracy to retreat. The working class need a leadership which fights the Tory attacks on the poor and needy rather than attacking its own membership.

Hospitals, Rail safety – facing the axe


Roger Bannister writes to Steve Rotherham

Let’s save our hospitals and take on Merseytravel together, says TUSC to Steve Rotheram

Merseyside TUSC metro-mayoral spokesperson Roger Bannister is writing to Steve Rotheram to propose a joint campaign to save threatened hospitals on Merseyside and to support the RMT transport union against Merseytravel bosses.

Roger Bannister says:

‘Leaked plans show hospitals face merger and closure across Liverpool, and across the Merseyside and Cheshire region. I have been actively campaigning against the closure of Liverpool Women’s Hospital. We need a massive campaign of action to defend our National Health Service starting right now, or there could be little left by the time of the next general election.

‘I was outraged to learn that Merseytravel is ignoring the questions by transport union RMT over their intended removal of guards from trains. Repeated questions from an RMT union official to Merseytravel chair Liverpool Labour councillor Liam Robinson have gone unanswered. I and Merseyside TUSC will continue giving our full support to the RMT’s campaign against cutbacks on Merseytravel.

‘I believe that key elements in the metro-mayoral position, and the election campaigns leading up to it, should include defending our hospitals, defending our Merseyrail guards, and opposing cutbacks to both.

‘I will be writing to Steve to propose we take on the cutters together.’

Roger Bannister is available for comment on 07954 376 096


For further information contact: Daren Ireland on 07787128498 – Dave Walsh on 07969511796 – Tony Mulhearn on 07939098455


Steve Rotheram suggests Blairism can prevail



Merseyside TUSC has responded to recent comments by Labour Party candidate for Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram in an interview with the Financial Times where he suggested that Labour ‘will become more Blairite again’.

Merseyside TUSC metro-mayoral spokesperson Roger Bannister says:

‘Such a swing back to Blairism as Steve suggests could happen if the Labour Party structures remain in the hands of the Blairites, and the 170 right wing MPs who organised against Jeremy Corbyn continue in post. A swing back to Blairism can be avoided by defeating the Blairites through democratic deselection of right-wing ‘New Labour’ MPs, and the restoration of basic democracy within the Labour party.

‘Socialists such as myself, excluded in 1986 from the Labour party by the Kinnockites for the “crime” of standing up to Thatcher, should be allowed to rejoin. Socialist organisations should be allowed to affiliate and put forward their ideas. I would hope that Steve Rotheram would share this aspiration and I will contact him and ask him to join me in this objective.

I also believe we need a socialist metro-mayor who will use the powers of the position to oppose austerity and who will stand up for the people of Merseyside against the corporate sharks looking to profiteer from public spending contracts.


For further information contact

Daren Ireland on 07787128498 – Dave Walsh on 07969511796 – Tony Mulhearn on 07939098455


Deggsie and the state of Labour

Letter to the Liverpool Echo

Your columnist my old mate Derek Hatton suggests that a split in the Labour Party won’t happen (26.9.2016).Why not?

The right wing apparatus still control the party machine and 170 Blairite MPs are not about to swallow a radical anti-austerity programme. Derek will recall the words of a great socialist: ‘No ruling group has left the scene of history without a struggle and that means a struggle with no holds barred,’ particularly if they fear the party membership will move to deselect them.

Derek argues it would be futile for Labour councillors to vote against cuts. The same message was hurled at the 1983-87 council.

I was part of a delegation who met Kinnock in 1985. A member of the delegation said ‘With your support Liverpool can act as a beacon to all the other Labour councils looking for a lead to fight Thatcher’s cuts.’ Kinnock rejected our appeal.

Those words came from Derek. He was right then. He is wrong now.