Socialist Party Public meeting


NEWS RELEASE – 25 September 2016


The Merseyside Socialist Party congratulates Jeremy Corbyn on being re-elected Labour Party leader. This victory confirms that, in spite of the sustained campaign of vilification against him spearheaded by 170 members of the Parliamentary Labour Party and the exclusion from the vote of thousands of genuine supporters – the Party is determined to shuffle off the remnants of Blairism. We believe Labour Party members should have the right to begin the process of holding MPs to account and replacing those who are implacably opposed to Corbyn with candidates who are prepared to fight for working class interests.

Come and hear Tony Mulhearn at next Tuesday’s public meeting at 7.30pm in The Liverpool Pub (upstairs), 14 James Street, Liverpool, L2 7PQ (next to James Street Mersey rail station).

Hear the story of the Liverpool47 and what really happened in the 1980s as opposed to the continued distortions expressed by the opponents of both Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party democracy.

Hear also Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, national organiser of the Socialist Party, explaining the Socialist Party’s campaign for its right to affiliate to the Labour party and its demand for a democratic rewriting of Labour’s constitution.




For further information contact

Hugh  Caffrey 07769611320. Email – Tony Mulhearn on 07939098455


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